Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career

Kim LâmJan 31, 2024 at 13:34

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After being "undercover" because of the scandal of going to France to watch Lisa (BLACKPINK) perform, recently, Angelababy's social network accounts (Weibo, Douyin...) were officially unbanned and can operate. normal movement again.

On January 30, iFeng reported that Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe had their ban on speaking on social networking platforms lifted after 3 months of being "frozen". Angelababy's Weibo and Douyin accounts have both had the message "This user is banned from speaking due to violating relevant laws and regulations" removed.

She can use her normal social network account again, is no longer blocked from posting and can open a mode allowing fans to message and follow her. While Truong Gia Nghe has only just had his ban removed from Douyin.

This move from social networking platforms shows that Angelababy has run out of time to be punished for going to see Lisa (BLACKPINK) perform at the C.razy Horse bar. She is said to have escaped a "murder sentence" from the authorities.

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 1

Previously, on November 1, 2023, Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe were banned from a series of social network accounts. When netizens clicked on the accounts of these two female artists, they received the text: "This user is banned due to violating relevant laws and regulations."

Chinese netizens believe that the authorities have taken action to deal with Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe on suspicion of going to see Lisa perform at the famous club Paris (France) - C.razy Horse.

The actions of Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe violate regulations prohibiting celebrities operating in the Chinese market from promoting provocative dancing and promoting activities that go against good customs and traditions. Therefore, they were punished by the authorities with a warning in the form of a temporary ban, with a term of 3-6 months or 1 year.

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 2

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 3

Previously, a source said Angelababy was banned from broadcasting for 3 months, while Truong Gia Nghe was banned for 1 year. Therefore, when the sentence ends, Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe can both return to showbiz activities.

Since the scandal broke out, the two female stars have not made any move to explain nor appear at all events and entertainment shows. The careers of the two beauties, especially Angelababy, were heavily affected. Their image has been tarnished and many advertising contracts and TV shows have been canceled.

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 4

Not only was she banned, but many sources also said that Angelababy was warned by "secret assassination" for a while. As of today, the ban has been lifted, many netizens think that perhaps the two beauties can now return to work after a period of being "undercover" as a warning.

Even though Angelababy has been completely "thawed", she is still quiet, there has not been any announcement about her return to the entertainment industry after the noise. Therefore, how Angelababy will reappear and in what way is receiving great attention from the public in the country of billions of people. Meanwhile, with Truong Gia Nghe, because her Weibo social network account is still restricted, netizens speculate that this actress's punishment has not ended yet.

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 5

It is known that Angelababy's fans soon received this news and announced a rather epic data rehearsal to prepare for her return. Angelababy's pending films will likely also air soon such as Tuong Tu Lenh (cooperating with Tong Uy Long) and Man Anh Tam Tung (cooperating with Vuong An Vu).

Even though it is back in operation, netizens say Angelababy will hardly have the same reputation and status as before. However, the fact that the films she participated in were broadcast was the best result.

Angelababy returned to showbiz after 3 months when Lisa (BLACKPINK) ruined her career - Photo 6

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