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Le Duong Bao Lam returned to Vietnam in a wheelchair after a US tour because of this incident

Kim Lâm13:28:06 05/04/2024
During his recent trip to the US, Bao Lam Legion not only attracted people's attention with a series of humorous skits but also his sultry incidents in the country of flags. Recently, the image of the actor in a wheelchair returning to Vietnam made many people worried.

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Baolin Legion beats Hari Won in the middle of the street, nearly being taken back to the station by the American police

Nguyễn Tuyết14:27:42 01/04/2024
This trip to the US of Bao Lam and Le Giang caused many troubles for Tran Thanh and his wife. After badmouthing their colleagues, the couple continued to make skits that misled the American people.

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Rumor has it that Viet Huong "retired" from Tran Thanh, revealing details of her cold relationship with each other

Bảo Nam17:18:58 31/03/2024
A few days ago, Tran Thanh along with his wife Hari Won, Le Huong Bao Lam, Le Giang, Ali Hoang Duong flew to the US to participate in the promotion of the movie Mai on the occasion of its premiere in international theaters.

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Tran Thanh lost billions of m.oney, immediately asked for help, inviting the US police to get involved?

Bảo Nam09:30:27 30/03/2024
Currently, Tran Thanh and his wife Hari Won, Le Giang, Le Duong Bao Lam and Ali Hoang Duong are on tour in the US. Taking advantage of their free time, the artists filmed many humorous clips and enthusiastically made skits to share on social networks.

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Zhencheng revealed a strange point after a statement that hurt many people, involving Ali Huangyang's group of friends

Mưa13:08:53 01/11/2023
Earlier, on the occasion of the opening of Zhencheng's new shop, Quang Trung and Ali Hoang Duong took advantage of the time to congratulate the seniors but lacked Truc Nhan. And this time, Truc Ren appeared, but there was no Zhencheng.

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Miu Le had an accident and nearly fell at the press conference, Karik and Phuong Thanh quickly saved the rescue

Ning Jing13:57:01 31/10/2023
At a moment while chatting and juggling with Karik, Miu Le accidentally tripped. However, the quick reaction of Karik and senior Phuong Thanh by his side saved the singer's life because his mother f.orced them to break up.

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Tran Thanh acted "out of love" with Truc Nhan after a beautiful show, the Seahorse Chess Association is unlikely to reunite

Nhật Hân11:12:06 26/09/2023
Tran Thanh and Truc Nhan have not been together for a long time. Many words have been spoken about the friendship between the male MC and his juniors. But his recent move seems to implicitly answer the fans' long-standing doubts.

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Tran Thanh was criticized for "ignoring" Truc Nhan at the event, the close group of friends Co Ca Seahorse officially disbanded?

Keng17:26:43 24/09/2023
Recently, the online community shared a short clip recording a night of Thu Minh's performance at the tea room. It is known that this is a music night to celebrate the singer's new age. In addition to the audience, some of Thu Minh's friends were also present at the show.

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Kieu Oanh was dropped from the Reform Luong Department of Theater School because she was too low, wishing for love like Chi Phèo, Thi Noi

Thư Kỳ15:15:02 11/09/2023
Qiao Oanh was born in a cradle of reform liang, she was instructed by her grandfather to sing bolero and reform liang. However, when she turned to singing and debuting young music products, she received attention.

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Huynh Tu revealed that her marriage was fraught with her husband who was 5 years younger, hurt by b.ody shaming

Juni Nguyễn15:55:41 09/09/2023
As a guest appearance in the Garden of Sound, singer Huynh Tu had her thoughts about the difficult time when artistic activities attracted the attention of the audience.

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Thu Ming was 'shocked' to be looked down upon by Truc Nhan, revealing for the first time that he had suffered from depression

Ning Jing07:33:01 11/08/2023
Thu Minh had a share that surprised fans by revealing that the Curve singer herself used to suffer from depression, falling into despair. At the same time, the singer was also looked down upon by her students for only 1 reason.

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Uyen An follows in the footsteps of controversial Tran Thanh, being exposed to evidence 5 times 7 times "taking advantage" of colleagues?

Hoàng Phúc09:24:25 14/04/2023
After Mrs. Nu's House, the relationship of Uyen An - Tran Thanh's sister - and actress Quynh Ly received a lot of attention from the audience. Many times, the two r.eveal "hints" like taking care of each other at events, wearing couple clothes or traveling together. Specifically...

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Tran Thanh loaned a male star 700 million, now "disappeared", Kha Nhu implied the story of "grateful"?

Chi Chu13:22:31 10/03/2023
In the face of questions about Truc Nhan's break from Tran Thanh's "Chess Horse" club, people recently continued to look at more evidence that many male stars who were close to Tran Thanh have now disappeared. . For a time, Tran Thanh shared pictures of luxurious dining, up to...

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Truc Nhan is "open" to Tran Thanh's close friends, the reason behind is related to Ali Hoang Duong?

Chi Chu13:16:58 09/03/2023
No longer standing up for Tran Thanh as well as being absent from events or fun next to his close friends "Chess and Horse" recently, the public can't help but suspect that Truc Nhan has "fazed" his group of friends. This. "Seahorse Chess" is the name of V-biz's popular group of...

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Tran Thanh has a scandal of "wanting privacy" at the cinema: Ali Hoang Duong defends, Hari Won shocks

Tin13:50:59 03/03/2023
Recently, the social network spread the article that Tran Thanh spent m.oney on movie theaters without caring about others, had to wait for a long time to buy tickets. The owner of the post shared a status line saying that he met a celebrity association including Tran Thanh, Uyen...

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Ali Hoang Duong and the handsome Mono cosplay guys sing and dance, making netizens confused

Hoàng Anh10:51:37 18/09/2022
Probably Mono himself could not have expected that the carefully invested debut MV could not go viral like other songs in the album that weren't invested too much in terms of image and marketing. Waiting For You and Mono's dancing in the bar suddenly became a trend of tiktok...

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Truc Nhan admits to "faking" Ali Hoang Duong, for what reason is Tran Thanh's group of friends at risk?

N.P16:32:52 15/09/2022
Truc Nhan and Ali Hoang Duong were once entangled in rumors of "face-to-face" even though they were very close before. Recently, in a post, the voice of "Bright eyes yet" suddenly made a move to admit that he often quarreled, was angry and angry with Ali Hoang Duong. Recently...

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Miu Le was 'revealed' and the male star's actions caught attention

Thư Kỳ16:54:02 14/06/2022
In the launch of the project to mark her return, Miu Le attracted the attention of her promoted beauty. Besides, also at the event, the actress "I'm your grandmother" encountered a costume problem. On the afternoon of June 13, Miu Le had a presentation of the music project...

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Ali Hoang Duong - The male singer is rumored to rely on Tran Thanh and a series of scandals with his seniors

Duyu00ean Tru1ea7n10:36:29 28/01/2022
Ali Hoang Duong real name is Nguyen Ngoc Duong, born in 1996, is a male singer known through the title of champion of Vietnamese Voice 2017. Possessing a powerful voice and handsome face, Ali Hoang Duong has all the qualities of a young male artist with new explosions in the...

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Truc Nhan - Tran Thanh's best friend is the most fierce in Vbiz and the scandal that harms Huong Tram is shocking

Như Ý09:22:31 18/12/2021
Truc Nhan's full name is Nguyen Truc Nhan, born in 1991. He is a male singer who came out of the first season of the reality show Voice of Vietnam. The "Chameleon" guy of the Vietnamese music village Since he was sitting at the school, Truc Nhan has pursued his passion for...

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Kha Nhu followed in Truong Giang's footsteps when there were constantly "flattering" statements about Tran Thanh

Duyên Trần15:59:10 02/12/2021
Recently, on the show Tai tau, Le Duong Bao Lam, Kha Nhu and singer Ali Hoang Duong discussed the issue "Men must have m.oney before having a lover. During the debate when Le Duong Bao Lam said that even if a man has m.oney, he is more confident, but he thinks that they cannot...

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