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Bui Xuan Hanh, despite speaking out, still "crashed" with the crown like Y Nhi

Khánh Huyền10:53:51 02/01/2024
Bui Xuan Hanh since his coronation has continuously met with mixed opinions from the audience. It was only because of the special relationship between her and the jury of the contest that Xuan Hanh was accused of being cleared the way, buying the prize...

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Bau Krysie: The Face runner-up was 'turned away' by fans because of 'continuous scandals' of cheating on her lover

Mẫn Nhi18:44:04 30/11/2023
Bau Krysie emerged as a hotgirl, then she became known as the first female lead role in Jack's MV. In 2023, when he joined The Face, Bau especially received more attention and became more popular with young people.

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Bau Krysie does not deny the "cuckolding" story, Gavin continues to show extremely convincing evidence!

Khánh Huyền18:24:46 30/11/2023
The noisy story about a third person interfering in the relationship of Bau Krysie and her tomboy lover Gavin is gradually becoming clear because all three people involved have spoken out. Bau Krysie posted an apology, but there was no mention of a third person in it.

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Bau Krysie was accused of cheating on her boyfriend, the third person, a close friend of 8 years, also admitted

Phi Đức06:58:44 30/11/2023
On his personal Instagram page, Gavin - Bau Krysie's tomboy boyfriend - shared his story. The content is straightforward and to the point about a 4-year relationship ending because of a third person.

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After dating rumors, Truong The Vinh and Tram Anh are suspected of living in the same house, and even doing this together

An Nhi13:04:18 22/10/2021
After the dating suspicion, netizens quickly discovered evidence that Truong The Vinh and The Face 2018 runner-up - Tram Anh had moved in together. Recently, Truong The Vinh and Tram Anh are a couple that have caught the attention of netizens after rumors of dating. Many viewers...

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Phi Phuong Anh declares "I am the new generation of dance music queen" after the MV Cuckold Who Don't Cuck Me

team youtuber16:16:18 11/01/2021
Recently, Phi Phuong Anh did not hesitate to assert herself as the new generation of dance music queen. Specifically, at the beginning of the behind-the-scenes clip, Phi Phuong Anh shared: "Hello everyone, I'm Phi Phuong Anh and I'm a new dancing queen." The Face 2016 runner-up...

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