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The pale-faced lady recounted her fake love affair of defrauding 6 billion VND, a wake-up call for unsuspecting women

Phúc Sen12:56:45 30/06/2024
The story of a lady who was blatantly cheated of 6 billion VND by her virtual lover made many people stir. This is a wake-up call for many people when using social networks to text back and forth with strangers.

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A 23-year-old hotgirl fell in love with an 80-year-old man who was the same age as her grandfather, only to break up after getting married

Thảo Mai18:50:20 26/05/2024
Despite being rejected by her family and rejected by society, this 23-year-old g.irl still decided to marry a man 50 years older than her. After a period of living together, more and more difficulties came to them.

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Tan Tuan Kiet: Duong Tu's ex-boyfriend, his career 'destroyed' just because of a bowl of soup

Vân Anh18:21:29 18/01/2024
Tan Tuan Kiet, a handsome and talented actor, but his career is extremely difficult. He once had a beautiful relationship with Duong Tu's girlfriend, but while dating, there was suspicion that the appearance of a third person had broken the couple's happiness.

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Rare American Voice Talks About 60-Year-Old Love, Reminiscing About Ex-Love Kim Zilong

Đức Trí10:15:03 05/10/2023
The American artist has recently made people stir, actively telling about love stories in their 50s, more especially the relationship with his former love Kim Tu Long.

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Duong Mich revealed a clip of having dinner with "lover" Duong Tu, fans questioned their secret date?

Hoa Tuyết07:53:03 20/09/2023
Currently, this video clip is spreading rapidly across the internet, causing fans to doubt the relationship between the two main characters. Many netizens even boldly guessed that they were secretly dating.

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BTS's V was "silent" on Jennie's dating rumors but defied the media, making netizens itch their eyes

Bảo Tiên10:55:19 02/09/2023
The dating noise between the two global groups has not stopped consuming the ink of the press, especially when the male side, although silent in confirming the relationship, is brave when constantly challenging public opinion.

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Minh Hang made fans "shed tears" because of 1 action after responding to lip powder during childbirth

Gia Hoàng14:47:32 31/08/2023
Minh Hang and her businessman husband in recent days are still living in joy when welcoming the couple's first little angel. Besides the unnecessary fuss before, the singer's recent move made fans choke.

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Ginô Tong: Flashed with the famous series C.3 in the world, consummated with a love affair of 7 years after much noise

Huỳnh Phúc10:06:45 24/08/2023
Ginô Tong for the 9x age must no longer be a strange name as the person behind the famous Level 3 series throughout the social network. He is also known for his love story that ended beautifully with his girlfriend of 7 years together.

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Quynh Luong's lover first spoke out about his girlfriend's love rules, the answer was bewildering!

Huỳnh Phúc14:40:33 21/08/2023
Recently, statements about Quynh Luong's love rules have suddenly been dug up and become a controversial topic in the community. Recently, the response of Tien Phat's lover made the people confused.

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Enemy Le Heatba shocked when rebellious, turned into a "woman" in love with a series of popular male beauties Cbiz

Mưa11:02:27 19/08/2023
Recently, information appeared online that the film project Van Tra Trieu Hoang is about to start filming. Previously, the female lead role in the film was said to be definitely played by Le Heatbo.

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Song Hye Kyo "abandoned" Song Joong Ki, whose name was called when "ex-love" Jo In Sung returned, what is the attitude?

Ngọc Sa11:44:01 16/08/2023
Recently, Song Hye Kyo continued to be named when her former love reappeared on screen. With the participation of a famous cast, and outstanding script quality - the movie Moving is currently receiving the love of a large number of audiences across Asia.

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Yang Zi was betrayed by his lover, cried all his tears, fans suddenly breathed a sigh of relief for 1 reason

Nguyễn Tuyết17:20:01 15/08/2023
One of the most notable developments in the final episode of Changxiangzi is that Xiao Yao (Yangtze) and his lover are reunited not long ago when they suddenly encounter an incident.

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The lover of Yangtze who came into existence not long ago had a problem, Chang Xiangzi "this life is considered abandoned"

Hướng Dương11:06:02 14/08/2023
Deng Wei has not been emerging for a long time, continuing to r.eveal a rogue past that surprised many people. Yangtze's masterpiece Xiangzi is likely to be ostracized by the audience, as the male protagonist's personal life is not as perfect as it seems.

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Is Yangtze showing affection for 1 male beauty, who was a "rumored love" 2 years ago, is it implicitly public?

Nguyễn Kim20:30:18 08/08/2023
Yangtze's move towards this male star was quickly of particular interest to netizens. Notably, 2 years ago the couple was buzzing on forums because they were said to be secretly dating. Is the boat docked now?

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Yangtze's son and his "lover" are exposed, and fans discuss whether he is like his mother or like his father

Hướng Dương11:25:13 05/08/2023
While Chang Xiangzi has not shown any signs of cooling down, there has been a h.ot search on Chinese social media regarding Yangtze's son and his current lover.

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"Little love" Duong Tu often talks about morality but is very popular with the audience for one thing

Bình Minh14:17:51 03/08/2023
Up to now, the names Duong Tu and Truong Tuong Tu, have not shown any signs of cooling down when constantly appearing on social networking forums with huge searches.

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Duong Tu put new love in place, kicked Lam Canh Tan out of Thanh Tram Hanh?

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Tuyết 16:33:46 01/08/2023
With an impressive performance in Truong Tuong Tu , the audience is now enthusiastically suggesting that Yang Tu's boyfriend will be the replacement for Ngo Diep Pham to take on the male lead Thanh Tram Hanh .

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Duong Duong posted a close photo with a new girlfriend, has beauty surpassed "old love" Dilraba Dich?

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:18:28 07/07/2023
In the midst of the emotional turmoil of the past time, Duong Duong has posted a photo with his lover on social networks. Netizens also quickly looked at the beauty of the g.irl's family, but it was publicized by the male god Cbiz.

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Cindy Lu - Hoai Lam's ex-wife openly questioned a strange g.irl in the midst of rumors about returning to Dat G

Neko12:00:07 03/04/2023
Every move of Hoai Lam's ex-wife after the breakup received special attention from the public. Recently, on Cindy Lu's personal page, she released a series of moments with beautiful visuals. Many viewers recognized that Cindy Lu's beauty was promoted. She wrote: "Thoroughly go...

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Song Hye Kyo officially publicly dated "evil male" The Glory: Real fake movie, "kicked" Song Joong Ki

Tin13:06:57 14/03/2023
During her 28-year career, Song Hye Kyo was entangled in so many love rumors that she was labeled a "co-star dating queen". Every time she participates in a work related to emotional factors, the famous female star appears in the newspaper with questionable news about her...

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Duong Duong was deeply in love with Ly Tham, a series of old photos made fans regret

Hoàng Anh13:04:35 28/02/2023
Duong Duong is dubbed the "national husband" by many girls because of his pompous appearance and extremely polite and courteous personality. Recently, he collaborated with Dich Le Nhiet Ba in You Are My Pride and Trieu Lo Tu in Release Thien Ha, making the guy's hotness peaked...

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Hai Tu revealed a hint of check-in at Son Tung's house, becoming more and more female model of the family

Anh Anh16:25:16 13/02/2023
Although the love affair has not been officially confirmed, the evidence that Hai Tu and Son Tung revealed partly proves the special relationship of the two. Recently, Hai Tu was subjected to more details showing that she was living with Son Tung in an expensive villa. Since...

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My Tam suddenly revealed her dating story, admitting that she had never been to the movies or traveling with her boyfriend

NeKo09:28:55 10/02/2023
Because she is in her 40s, what fans are most interested in right now is not a new song or My Tam's career, but her love story. She has been caught up in dating rumors many times, but My Tam has never officially announced a definite relationship. So every move of the female...

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Lee Jong Suk accidentally revealed his current relationship status with girlfriend IU

Hoàng Anh14:50:40 06/02/2023
Lee Jong Suk - IU publicly dated on the last day of 2022. Recently, there are no more news related to the couple, making the public curious about the relationship status between the couple. them at the present time. And on the evening of February 5, Koreaboo answered the...

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