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Quang Le revealed that she moved in to live with Ha Thanh Xuan, did the female singer implicitly admit?

Nguyễn Kim13:56:37 29/04/2024
Recently, the couple Quang Le - Ha Thanh Xuan has been strongly pushed by people because the two continuously have romantic chemistry. Many viewers hope that the two will soon become a couple.

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Koi fish king was upset when he heard that Ha Thanh Xuan debuted Quang Le's mother, pressing 1 thing

Minh Lợi16:07:13 09/04/2024
In recent days, the news that Ha Thanh Xuan and Quang Le are dating each other has received a lot of attention from the online community. In the midst of growing rumors, people are extremely curious about the Koi fish king's reaction.

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"King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo reported that there was a "Qui Mao guy" amid the news of Ha Thanh Xuan's marriage

Kim Lâm16:52:28 28/03/2024
While rumors of Ha Thanh Xuan and Quang Le preparing to get married were rife on social networks, netizens were surprised by the move of Koi fish king Thang Ngo when the business man announced that he had Quy Mao on his personal page. .

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The Koi Fish King is sad and works hard at one job after the divorce. Ha Thanh Xuan has the opposite attitude

Keng13:02:47 23/12/2023
After 3 months from the day they announced they were going their separate ways, the couple that once caused a stir, Koi fish king Thang Ngo and female singer Ha Thanh Xuan both had notable changes in appearance and mental state.

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The Koi fish king publicly misses Ha Thanh Xuan, a detail that proves he still has a heavy heart for his ex-wife, causing sadness?

Bảo Nam13:17:47 28/11/2023
Recently, Koi fish king Thang Ngo attracted attention when he posted a video of him driving on the streets of Saigon, in the car he also played a song titled People performed by singer Ha Thanh Xuan.

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The Koi fish king longed for "broken mirrors to heal" with Ha Thanh Xuan, what kind of attitude did the fans wake up?

Bình Minh10:59:39 04/11/2023
Nearly 3 months since the separation from his wife, Thang Ngo is still a name of special interest to the public. Suddenly called by netizens as the husband of the beautiful singer Ha Thanh Xuan, the businessman immediately made a move to attract attention.

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Concussion: Stirring up the 13-year-old wife of the "King of Koi fish" is a "reliable sister", lying about divorce?

Nam Phương18:00:18 07/05/2022
A Facebook account suddenly accused Ha Thanh Xuan of being the third person to enter the extended family of Thang Ngo and his ex-wife. After witnessing the dream wedding of singer Ha Thanh Xuan and her 13-year-old partner. Many people expressed their admiration when the foreign...

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Ha Thanh Xuan was persecuted because of her husband's past, what is her relationship with her stepchild?

Hoàng Phúc08:19:44 07/05/2022
After marrying the giant "Koi", Ha Thanh Xuan was repeatedly terrorized by netizens. Many people also use harsh words towards the female singer. On May 2, the wedding of singer Ha Thanh Xuan and "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo - a rich man 13 years older than her - was held at a...

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