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The Koi fish king was suggested to "marry a few more beautiful girls" but his marriage broke up, the owner responded with a shocked answer.

Uyển Đình06:45:48 27/10/2023
After breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan, the life of Koi fish king Thang Ngo received special attention from everyone. Recently, when a netizen advised him to take another step, the male businessman immediately responded with a question that caught everyone's attention.

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The Koi fish king was openly flirted with by a strange g.irl after the breakup, and the way he handled it surprised everyone

Tuyết Ngọc19:19:48 11/10/2023
Recently, King of Koi fish Thang Ngo suddenly received compliments that someone would be lucky enough to marry him. Faced with this comment, the male businessman immediately gave an attention-grabbing response.

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The Koi fish king mentioned the strange "woman" who broke up with Ha Thanh Xuan, implying that he was "looked forward to every day".

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:36:52 01/10/2023
After Ha Thanh Xuan announced his separation from Koi fish king Thang Ngo, all information about the business man's life and love story received everyone's attention every day. Recently, the hidden status line of the Koi fish king is being discussed by netizens.

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"Koi King" Thang Ngo "shows off" with Ha Thanh Xuan, works hard to "improve" his b.ody, and looks like a young man

Quỳnh Quỳnh12:48:37 23/09/2023
After breaking up with Ha Thanh Xuan, the life of Koi fish king Thang Ngo received special attention from people. Currently, the male businessman chooses to live a private life, spending time on work and exercising.

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Ha Thanh Xuan expressed indifference on the day her father-in-law died, was she really divorced with "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo?

Kim Lâm17:26:10 27/06/2023
After announcing the d.eath of the three intestines of the Koi fish king Thang Ngo, people discovered that Ha Thanh Xuan still did not move, making the divorce question of both even more solid.

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"King of Koi fish" succumbed to the crowd, officially exposed his current relationship with Ha Thanh Xuan

BìnhYên09:58:45 01/04/2023
When a netizen commented: "Release your heart for the ring", businessman Thang Ngo did not hesitate to reply: "I have a wife". It can be said that this move of the "King of Koi fish" is an implicit way of denying rumors of divorce with Ha Thanh Xuan. During this time, social...

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R.evealing evidence that Koi fish king divorced Ha Thanh Xuan: Delete photos, cancel friends, insiders show a strange attitude?

Minh Lợi11:23:46 12/03/2023
Followers of the businessman couple Thang Ngo (also known as the King of Koi fish) and singer Ha Thanh Xuan are raising speculations about the couple's separation after 1 year of love. Currently, the insider has spoken out about this suspicion. Recently, netizens have stirred up...

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Ha Thanh Xuan worked hard to "plow" the holiday after the "King of Koi fish" announced that he had given all his assets to his ex-wife.

Hoàng Phúc11:53:38 06/09/2022
Overcoming the noise of public opinion, Ha Thanh Xuan happily enjoys a happy life with "King of Koi fish". However, she still does not rely on her husband and works hard with her artistic career. The marriage of Ha Thanh Xuan and "King of Koi fish" received a lot of attention...

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Shark Binh's wife - King of Koi Fish: 2 people 'tao khan', husband's side from zero, but what do they get?

Nắng11:57:29 29/08/2022
Recently, "Shark" Binh suddenly became the most searched keyword on social networks when publicly dating actor Phuong Oanh. "Shark" Binh (full name is Nguyen Hoa Binh, SN 1981), is one of the famous characters in the show Shark Tank Vietnam. Currently, he is the chairman of a...

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'King of Koi fish' has just returned to the US with Ha Thanh Xuan and has received very good news: Standard class of giants!

Nắng10:21:12 11/08/2022
After getting married, singer Ha Thanh Xuan was supported by her husband to go on stage to live with her passion. Therefore, only a short time after the wedding, the female singer had to leave "King of Koi" to return to the US to run the show. Because he missed his wife, just...

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Ha Thanh Xuan revealed a big second round after a billion-dollar wedding, loved by the "King of Koi" like thin eggs

Nam Phương17:36:16 16/06/2022
Many viewers questioned the "King of Koi" wife Thang Ngo pregnant with her first c.hild after a month of marriage. Ha Thanh Xuan is also loved and cared for by her 13-year-old husband. After a month of being "stoned" violently for the wedding with singer Ha Thanh Xuan. Although...

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Journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu mocked "King of Koi fish": "It's disgusting to marry a wife, only two stations have cried bitterly"

Rosé10:28:01 13/05/2022
The male journalist's post received thousands of interactions from netizens. During the past week, the private life of the "King of Koi" and female singer xHa Thanh Xuan has continuously received the attention of netizens. Before the question of "changing rich for friends...

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Shivering at MC Lai Van Sam's prophecy about the marriage of "King of Koi" and his ex-wife from 2 years ago

Juni Nguyễn01:53:41 07/05/2022
After marrying singer Ha Thanh Xuan, the marriage between "King of Koi" and his ex-wife was once again dug up by netizens. On May 2, the wedding of overseas female singer Ha Thanh Xuan and "King of Koi fish" Thang Ngo was grandly held in Ho Chi Minh City with the presence of...

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