Puka Gin And His Wife Are Handsome

Topic: Puka Gin And His Wife Are Handsome

Gin Tuan Kiet was criticized for buying flowers for his wife, Puka "came out" and responded deeply

Châu Anh11:41:07 12/03/2024
Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet are one of the most interested couples in Vietnamese showbiz. Even though they've been together for a few months, the two still suffer negative comments from antifans.

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Puka "stakes" with Gin Tuan Kiet right on the livestream, constantly shouting to her husband as a fan "standing up"

Uyển Đình14:30:04 05/12/2023
Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet are a married couple that attracted a lot of attention after 3 grand wedding ceremonies in November. Recently, on the livestream, Puka expressed her attitude to her husband, making fans surprised with the married life of the two.

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Gin Tuan Kiet "scandalized" Puka for being difficult to please after the wedding, "reported" the whole crew to suffer, the consequences left the fans speechless

Thiên Di16:27:27 24/11/2023
Since officially becoming husband and wife, the married life of Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet has attracted many people's attention. After the wedding, Gin Tuan Kiet spoke up about his wife's fastidiousness, causing him and his entire crew to struggle.

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