Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors

Juni NguyễnNov 10, 2023 at 16:10

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Yan Aaron, actor and former member of the famous Taiwanese idol group Fahrenheit, has been prosecuted for physical exploitation of homosexual minors after a period of investigation.

According to Taiwanese local media on November 10, Taiwan's Shilin District Prosecutor's Office prosecuted Yan Arun according to regulations to prevent physical exploitation of children and adolescents. In particular, Viem A Luan was accused of filming and illegally possessing videos of adult relationships with minors.

Yan Ar Luan was also accused of violating the right to autonomy regarding physical relations, including physically attacking a minor, but was not prosecuted because of insufficient evidence.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 1

In June, video footage of Yan Ar Luan having adult s.ex with a homosexual minor was leaked, causing a stir in public opinion. The man in the video, a Taiwanese Internet broadcaster, revealed that he dated Yan Aaron in June 2018 and was forced to film adult scenes without consent. At that time, he was only 16 years old and Yan Ar Luan was 32 years old, shocking many people.

Qiu Yiyue broke up with Yan Arun after it was revealed that he dated three men at the same time, but later held a press conference, saying he was threatened and would sued the latter for physical a.ssault, illegal filming and leaking information. At the press conference, Yan Ah Luan suddenly appeared to apologize to Khuu Diec Nhac but received heavy criticism, and his entertainment activities have been almost suspended since then.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 2

On June 21, Yan A Luan wrote a letter to speak out about the noise. After that, actor Yan Ar Luan wrote a letter of apology to his fans, admitting that he had a homosexual relationship with the above boys, but denied that he was promiscuous and knew three people at the same time. He also shared the pressure of being gay and "coming out" with his family. Viem A Luan's parents once intended to use an electric cord to end his life because they were too shocked by his confession that day. .

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 3

He wrote: "Thank you for being willing to speak up and giving me the opportunity to face the "slow-explosive grenade" that has scared me for so long. I was not proud of myself in the past. I had a distorted and ugly perception in that relationship. Because I am a blind lover, once I enter a relationship, I easily lose myself."

In the letter, Viem A Luan affirmed that he cherished his relationship with his ex, helping his lover find a house and cover living expenses during the years they were together. He also explained that during their relationship, the ex-boyfriend was completely willing and consensual.

The 8X generation music star said that when the relationship between the two broke down, they argued, broke up and they were confused and did not know how to resolve the conflict, leading to an unfortunate incident.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 4

Talking about the leaked private photos, he said that because the phone was taken for repair, it was leaked. He also emphasized that he made efforts to contact lawyers and find ways to remove those images online to protect both of them.

"Once again, I want to apologize to everyone. I was a terrible person. So I spent a lot of time looking for help and advice. I know that I We must face it, not run away.

I sincerely regret, sincerely face myself, do not want to disappoint myself and those who always give me warmth and care.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 5

This is who I am now. If you want, I'm really willing to personally meet and apologize to you. I am also willing to be by your side when you are suffering, and hope to do anything to make it up to you in the future," he wrote in the letter.

Afterwards, Taiwanese police began investigating Arulan Yan for allegedly violating the Act on Prevention of Physical Exploitation of Children and Adolescents. Police searched Yan Aaron's home and studio and imposed a bail of 500,000 Chinese Yuan (about $68,000) and a ban on leaving the country, believing he was involved in the physical exploitation of children. j.uvenile.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 6

Meanwhile, Viem A Luan affirmed that he never forced or threatened Khuu Diec Nhac to have physical relations after dating or breaking up. During interrogation, he also said that he asked Khuu Diec Le if he was of age before filming the video and denied his connection to the video leak, claiming that the video was was stolen when he took his phone in for repair.

"I do not understand the other party's motive for suing, whether it is for honor or profit," Yan Ar Luan said in a statement.

Yan Ar Luan was prosecuted for filming and having illegal adult relations with homosexual minors - Photo 7

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