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Ivanka Trump is rumored to be "expressly dissatisfied" with her supermodel sister-in-law Karlie Kloss

Hương Duy13:29:32 17/03/2024
Since becoming the Kushner family's brides, Ivanka Trump and Karlie Kloss have often been caught up in rumors that the rice is not good and the soup is not sweet. Once close friends, the two now seem to avoid each other by limiting their interactions.

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Victoria's Secret Angel caused a fever when r.evealing her beauty for the 4th time

Minh Ngọc16:23:37 02/01/2024
Despite being 41 years old and the 4th time pregnant, the former Victoria s Secret angel has continuously wowed the online community by showing off images of her pregnancy, her figure may change but her beauty still does not lose her form.

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Le Thu Trang: "catwalk teacher" claims to "bring down" H'Hen Niê, scandalous fall at Miss Universe

Huỳnh Phúc10:53:06 07/10/2023
Le Thu Trang once confirmed that she would make Miss H Hen Nie hand over the Miss Universe Vietnam crown but could not reach the final stage. However, up to now, the beauty is still considered one of the talented names.

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Adam Levine welcomed his third c.hild after noisy a.dultery, netizens wondered if he named his c.hild after his mistress?

N.P13:44:32 31/01/2023
Leaving aside the shocking a.dultery noise, Adam Levine is still attached to his wife and recently, the couple officially welcomed the birth of their third c.hild. The b.aby's s.ex has not been revealed so far. A source exclusively confirmed to People on January 31, the Maroon 5...

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Tan Thu Boi: The scandalous long legs were "cuckolded" by the giants and the end when marrying the most hated bad b.oy in Cbiz

KiKo15:56:10 13/01/2023
A brilliantly successful career, but accompanied by noisy scandals, Qin Thu Boi's life seemed to put an end to when choosing Tran Quan Hy - the cult bad b.oy as a prop after a series of events. . However, it was unexpected that this was the right and happiest choice for both Tran...

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Ha Tue: Victoria's Secret's most mysterious muse, from a marriage of 7 months is about to marry Tran Vy Dinh?

pipi15:20:21 10/01/2023
Ha Tue is known as one of the most popular long legs in China. However, the female supermodel is quite tight-lipped about her private life and says no to scandals, so she is dubbed the most mysterious muse. Among the 4 Chinese beauties striding on the Victoria's Secret catwalk...

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Adam Levine had an affair when his wife was pregnant for the 3rd time, psychologically manipulated and named the c.hild after his lover?

Hoàng Phúc14:12:20 20/09/2022
According to Marca, on September 19, model Sumner Stroh suddenly posted a clip saying she and Adam Levine were h.aving s.ex behind Behati Prinsloo's back. Stroh also confirmed that the Maroon 5 leader wanted to name his and his wife's soon-to-be c.hild after her. "I had an affair...

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"Bad b.oy" Tran Quan Hy put his hand on the 1st round with a sensitive action with "n.aked picture"

Yang Mi09:06:05 24/06/2022
Although no longer active in art, Tran Quan Hy's life still receives great attention from the media and the audience. Recently, the man and woman received mixed opinions when taking a photo that was considered inappropriate. Since the scandal of r.evealing hot photos and clips...

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Ming Xi: Model Victoria's Secret tricks, changed her life by giving birth to a grandchild for the powerful Macau family

Hoàng Phúc16:05:05 25/02/2022
It can be said that Ming Xi became a queen when she gave birth to the Macau casino tycoon family, a lovely and lovely grandchild. The Shanghai model reaches the world Ming Xi (Hei Meng Yao) was born in 1989, is a gorgeous original Shanghainese beauty. The reason for the name...

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Tran Vy Dinh "closed the order" of Victoria's Secret supermodel Sui He, r.evealing the time of the wedding?

Hoàng Phúc07:54:11 17/12/2021
After going through many noisy love affairs, has Tran Vy Dinh found her destination? On the evening of December 16, the Chinese social network exploded with information that Tran Vy Dinh and Sui He (Ha Tue) would get married early next year. Specifically, according to a source...

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Hailey Baldwin became the muse of Victoria's Secret, what a great physique that made netizens fall

An Nhi14:39:27 10/11/2021
The latest set of photos of Justin Bieber's wife - model Hailey Baldwin is attracting the attention of many netizens. Recently, model Hailey Baldwin was "chosen to send gold" to become the face of Victoria's Secret's limited edition l.ingerie advertising campaign. Right after...

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Xiaotian Street | The male lead in the love story "My Little Happiness" makes people excited

team youtuber21:00:12 28/01/2021
With her acting, Duong Hieu Thien left a deep impression with her cold face, making viewers unforgettable and praised by the audience. Duong Xiaotian was born on June 2, 1991, in Tianjin, China, which is known to the public as a model with a huge height of 1m88. The guy has an...

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