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MC scammed more than 1 billion for concert tickets BLACKPINK continues to be accused of 400 million, CS Nhu Quynh is infected

Juni Nguyễn15:55:12 05/08/2023
After being accused of defrauding billions of VND from buying and selling tickets for the BLACKPINK Concert in Hanoi at the end of July, recently the male MC Tr.Kh was once again accused of blocking m.oney from the crew.

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The famous male MC admitted to having "boomed" 200 million tickets: customers came to the house, demanding to solve it

Ngọc Sa14:46:24 01/08/2023
Blackpink's concert in Hanoi has officially ended after two explosive and emotional performances. Previously, this event created a storm of ticket hunting all over MXH sites. Of course, the negative issues surrounding ticket sales also emerge from here.

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The g.irl who borrowed 100 million to buy BLACKPINK concert tickets to resell and the ending was heartbreaking

Gia Hoàng18:06:27 22/07/2023
The unit selling tickets for the BLACKPINK concert in Hanoi has announced that it will stop selling tickets due to the widespread black market ticket situation on social networks. Also from here, the tribulations of ticket faction and Vietnamese tourism began.

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Pham Thoai is in danger of losing 1 billion, immediately livestream crying to rescue 100 concert tickets BLACKPINK

Ban Mai14:18:28 13/07/2023
The BLACKPINK fever in recent days is not too strange to many people. On social networks, many artists and celebrities also expressed their desire to get a ticket to the group's show at My Dinh Stadium at the end of July.

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The g.irl whose mother "wasted her hands" tens of millions to go see BLACKPINK, even though the family is not rich?

Chi Chu11:49:47 30/06/2023
After BLACKPINK confirmed about Vietnam, a series of stories about spending m.oney to watch idols were shared causing a lot of controversy. Recently, the story of a g.irl supported by her mother to pursue an idol has received a lot of attention.

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Tickets "black market" and a series of tricks to cheat and take advantage of the BLACKPINK concert, fans trying to warn each other?

Kiko09:35:27 28/06/2023
Although it has not yet officially opened for ticket sales, BLACKPINK's concert in Vietnam has been repeatedly exploited for profit with many different tricks. The audience was extremely worried and warned each other to avoid being scammed.

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