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Trieu Lo Tu "escaped his life as alum", took revenge on his "little sister next door" image, and caused chaos at the airport of the Golden Temple

Nguyễn Kim14:35:47 26/09/2023
Changing his mature image at Milan fashion week, Trieu Lo Tu shamefully received a series of controversial and opposing opinions. Recently, the actress quickly returned with her sweet style, making people quickly change their direction.

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Trieu Lo Tu revealed a "fatal" weakness, losing points because of her rough b.ody when wearing a seductive two-piece dress

An Nhi10:02:29 24/09/2023
Breaking away from the sweet, innocent image, Trieu Lo Tu recently attracted attention when upgrading her mature, seductive style when participating in fashion week in Milan. However, people have pointed out her flaws that are difficult to hide.

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Trieu Lo Tu "has his own problems", regardless of doing this in the West because of his obsession, the community rushed in to ridicule him.

An Nhi15:15:44 22/09/2023
Trieu Lo Tu is one of the few Chinese beauties who has the honor of appearing in one of the Milan Fashion Weeks. Here, the image of the flower g.irl attracts attention not only for her fashion style but also for her beauty and appearance.

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Trieu Lo Tu caused a storm with a 100% makeup-free photo in Milan, worthy of the title "Cbiz's bare-faced goddess"

Kim Lâm11:16:45 21/09/2023
Taking photos with fans in Milan, Trieu Lo Tu attracted attention with her perfect bare face. Her glowing white skin and high nose bridge quickly captivated netizens because she was so beautiful.

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