Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the "big man" Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession

Mẫn NhiMay 16, 2024 at 13:53

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Trieu Le Dinh, after many years of struggling in the profession, now has a certain status and position in the Chinese entertainment industry, highly appreciated by the public and many colleagues and seniors.

In Trieu Le Dinh's circle of friends, there are many powerful A-list stars such as national MC Ha Canh and Ta Na. At the beginning of her career, the beauty named Trieu also received help from veteran director Phung Tieu Cuong or Vu Chinh, in addition to another person, Dinh Tu Tuan.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 1

In the entertainment world, everyone knows that Vuong Tu Thong is the infamous "rich second generation" of Cbiz. But, this young master has never said a harsh word to Trieu Le Dinh even though he was known to curse showbiz. In fact, Tieu Cot has a "backing" power that is not ordinary. There was once another "rich second generation" who publicly protected Trieu Le Dinh. That is Dinh Tu Tuan.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 2

Since starting her acting career, Trieu Le Dinh has met and known many famous male stars. All of them are co-stars who have acted with her. But, ex-husband Phung Thieu Phong is not the person she believes in and loves unconditionally. Dinh Tu Tuan is the character that Tieu Cot values and is also loved and supported by him.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 3

Trieu Le Dinh and Dinh Tu Tuan got to know each other thanks to co-starring in two films: Legend of the Fisherman and The Wife's Secret. Everyone has a close brotherly relationship. That year, Dinh Tu Tuan was famous as a rich young man with inheritance worth hundreds of billions of dong. But, he was willing to give up his huge fortune to participate in filming, even if he was just an errand b.oy.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 4

According to Sohu, in 2013, Trieu Le Dinh starred in Truyen Ngu Truyen Ky . Although assigned to the female lead role, Trieu Le Dinh's acting skills at that time were still quite young, her popularity was not high, this film was not considered too much attention.

However, thanks to Trieu Le Dinh's professional attitude, hard work and straightforward personality, she attracted Dinh Tu Tuan, so he paid special attention to her on set, and gradually they became good friends. . Sohu said, Dinh Tu Tuan once brought his junior home to play, introduced her to his mother and wife, and accepted Trieu Le Dinh as his younger sister.

Since then, Dinh Tu Tuan has been very active in promoting each product that Trieu Le Dinh appears in, even creating resources for this sworn sister. In the same year 2013, he invested in the series The Wife's Secret , helping the actress win the main role.

It is known that because they are so close, Dinh Tu Tuan and Trieu Le Dinh were once involved in "shady" romance rumors. But this pair of brothers and sisters didn't care. Trieu Le Dinh later became close to Cat Tuong - Dinh Tu Tuan's wife. This confirms that the three do not care about the rumors at all.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 5

Even before the divorce, Phung Thieu Phong did not dare to be jealous of everything Dinh Tu Tuan did for Trieu Le Dinh. Because why does the man named Phung not dare to offend and offend this famous "rich second generation" and at the same time respect him when Dinh Tu Tuan is really kinder to Trieu Le Dinh than his relatives.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 6

Why does the famous and wealthy "second generation" respect and admire Trieu Le Dinh even though she comes from the countryside? This must include Trieu Le Dinh's personality. Even though she was oppressed, she did not feel depressed because of that, nor did she care about what others treated her. The actress always strives to strive in the entertainment industry, is careful in words and actions, and uses realistic actions. After many years of constant efforts, she has now become a star loved by many people because of her good looks and good acting skills.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 7

It is because of Trieu Le Dinh's tenacity and hardworking attitude that is different from today's young girls that Dinh Tu Tuan feels admired, he considers her his own sister, protecting and helping her. Now that Trieu Le Dinh has a place in the entertainment industry, this "second generation rich man" can rest assured.

Trieu Le Dinh was supported by the big man Phu Nhi Dai for more than 10 years in the profession - Photo 8

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