Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame"

Hoàng AnhApr 06, 2023 at 09:03

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Recently, Trieu Le Dinh has been constantly facing rumors that have harmful effects on her reputation and career. In particular, Trieu Le Dinh's noisy, controversial past is also being "digged" by Chinese netizens.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 1

On April 4, the Sinchew page posted about the noise surrounding Trieu Le Dinh. On Weibo, someone once spread the news that actress Minh Lan had a relationship with a giant who was a big sponsor of dramas with the purpose of "changing love for fame" but unexpectedly became pregnant. And she had to fake marriage with Phung Thieu Phong to hide the truth. This rumor is currently being shared by netizens, leaving enthusiastic comments on Chinese social media forums.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 2

After the news broke, many netizens pointed out that Trieu Le Dinh was pregnant at the peak of her career. Her marriage and Phung Thieu Phong were also "turned over" by netizens. The talented couple became charming after co-starring in the films Minh Lan Truyen and Journey to the West: Female Children. In 2018, the two surprised showbiz when they suddenly announced that they had registered their marriage. Five months later, she gave birth to a son.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 3

In fact, if anyone was interested in Chinese showbiz at the time when Trieu Le Dinh announced her marriage, they probably remember that this marriage was blessed by more than half of the showbiz fandom. Of course, there are good intentions, but many of them send sarcastic wishes, wishing the couple to keep each other tight for life so as not to cause harm to other idols.

Because before marrying Phung Thieu Phong, Trieu Le Dinh was the female star who was shipped the most couple in cbiz. Many actors are seriously affected by shipping with Trieu Le Dinh. In the eyes of many viewers at that time, Trieu Le Dinh was an easy-going actor, ready to stir-fry the couple to create heat. That year could include names like Tran Hieu, Lam Canh Tan, Dau Kieu, Ly Dich Phong, Dang Luan ... in general, Trieu Le Dinh was a thorn in the eyes of many viewers, she was also a star. Females had the most antis at that time, even being constantly accused of low EQ or playing bad games with their colleagues. Things only got better when the actress got married and gave birth to a c.hild and almost stayed 2 years later.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 4

However, after just over 2 years of being in love, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong suddenly announced their divorce. On television, the actor surnamed Phung was confused and did not know if Trieu Le Dinh married him because of love or just because he was old enough to get married. After the rift, the two focused on acting, avoiding mentioning the ex.

After the divorce, Trieu Le Dinh's career was clearly promoted, becoming the second most expensive flower in the Chinese entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Phung Thieu Phong's situation became worse, downhill without braking. The career has gone backwards, the male star status of the Phung family also has problems. According to his colleagues and friends who played with him, actor Minh Lan Truyen's personality had a great change, he became more melancholy, always moody, even suspected of having an illness. depression.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 5

Therefore, Phung Thieu Phong's biological mother is very worried, she not only takes care of her son by her side, but also tries to convince Trieu Le Dinh to remarry, by promising to buy them a house in Thuong. Hai, and if she wants, she can invite her biological parents to live together. However, there were rumors that Trieu Le Dinh was very dissatisfied with the attitude and proposal of her ex-mother-in-law, so she flatly refused. Moreover, with the current position and financial potential of the beauty Du Phuong Hanh, she is completely free to do what she wants without relying on anyone.

Despite a divorce and a busy work schedule, Trieu Le Dinh always tries to fulfill her responsibilities as a mother, arranging time to go out with her children. It is known that the current relationship between Trieu Le Dinh and her ex-husband is quite harmonious, both of them give each other the necessary respect.

Trieu Le Dinh was accused of marrying Phung Thieu Phong to cover his eyes, the couple "changed love for fame" - Photo 6

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