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Tra Dang revealed her figure 1 month after giving birth, fans sobbed in praise but reminded her of one thing

Bảo Nam21:32:40 16/05/2024
Tra Dang is one of the famous early TikTokers in Vietnam with more than 20 million followers on his own account. Not long ago, she happily publicly gave birth to her first c.hild.

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Tra Dang ate bricks because he had just had a C-section for a few hours, had not removed the transmission needle, and sat down to film the clip

Bảo Nam13:51:08 05/04/2024
In August 2023, Tra Dang revealed that he was married but had not yet wed. This information took many by surprise. She initially withheld information about her husband but then freely shared it on social media.

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S.hock: Vietnam's No. 1 Tiktoker - Tra Dang is married, wedding postponed, who is the groom's identity?

Ngọc Sa14:31:00 13/08/2023
H.ot Tiktoker Tra Dang suddenly announced that she had a husband, causing fans to be surprised and stirred. According to the young idol, she has yet to get married for some reason, however both families have considered each other unlucky.

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Linh Barbie, Tra Dang and Tuong Vy - The 3 most followed TikTokers in Vietnam compete for beauty, who is the best?

Hoàng Phúc15:16:42 01/03/2022
Check out the famous h.ot TikToker lineup, the 3 TikTok accounts with the most followers are all female. These are girls with outstanding style, personality and talent, with a beauty that is not in the medium form. 1. Linh Barbie - topped the h.ot TikToker lineup with 17.7 million...

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Tra Dang - Who is the million-view TikToker in "Fast as Lightning" with Le Bong and Long Chun?

Như Ý10:44:13 31/01/2022
Who is Tra Dang? H.ot Tiktoker Tra Dang has real name Dang Thu Tra. She is also known by the nickname Dance Tea. Tra Dang was born in 1998, born and raised in Hai Phong. Currently, female Tiktoker is living in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Tra Dang is one of the most famous h.ot...

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