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Toc Tien caused a fever when she had a beauty match with Lisa, constantly praising her for her friendliness

Vân Anh14:08:26 15/03/2024
Toc Tien attended an event of a luxury brand in Seoul and she had the opportunity to meet and talk with female idol Lisa. The two hugged their waists and posed happily at the party.

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Gin Tuan Kiet publicly did this for Puka at the event, exclaiming: "Husband of the Year is here!

Phi Yến10:21:48 04/12/2023
After the wedding, Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet freely showed their affection in public, as well as diligently shared their married life on social networks more than before.

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Toc Tien is exhausted, sharing an alarming health condition, what is this?

Hàn Di10:24:10 06/07/2023
On the evening of July 5, singer Toc Tien had some remarkable shares about his current health status. The sad singer said she is feeling exhausted, and is no longer as passionate about eating as before. She makes fans worry

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Toc Tien responded sharply when asked about children with Hoang Touliver, everyone who heard it had to "shut up"

Pinky13:05:48 02/04/2023
Singer Toc Tien has just had a response to netizens when she was mentioned and asked about her children after 3 years of marriage Hoang Touliver, a strong statement that made everyone who heard it "shut up". Toc Tien is a female artist who has recently received a lot of...

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Tran Thanh was less charming when he advised Toc Tien to leave her husband, wife Hoang Touliver showed her attitude

Hoàng Phúc14:49:35 29/08/2022
The fact that Tran Thanh "cheats" and jokes too much on television is no longer strange. Faced with such criticized situations, the male MC still chooses for himself a silent way to go through everything. Tran Thanh is a famous MC and actor of Vietnamese showbiz. He is known for...

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Hoang Touliver - Vbiz's leading "music witch" and a peaceful marriage with Toc Tien

An Nhi08:28:13 20/05/2022
Hoang Touliver is the "bloody" name in the Vietnamese music world when he is the owner of a series of top-notch, unique and catchy mixes. Besides, he also attracted attention with a beautiful love story with singer Toc Tien. Hoang Touliver's journey to become "Music Wizard"...

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Toc Tien accidentally revealed that Dieu Nhi secretly held a wedding after the question of giving birth?

An Nhi20:02:52 20/02/2022
Until now, Dieu Nhi has kept her private life private from the public. Toc Tien and Hoang Touliver officially returned to the same house with a discreet and private wedding ceremony held in Da Lat on February 20, 2020. The wedding was held quite privately without the presence of...

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Toc Tien - Being rejected by his mother for 10 years and living a full life with "Musical Witch" Hoang Touliver

Duyên Trần11:32:36 31/10/2021
Toc Tien, whose real name is Nguyen Khoa Toc Tien, was born in 1989, she is one of the rare singers who has both great academic achievements and success on the artistic path. However, to achieve that, she had to sacrifice the free, comfortable sky of her youth. The...

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Toc Tien responded "extremely harsh" when antifan "kid" forever refused to give birth

Duyên Trần21:22:34 27/10/2021
Recently, on her personal Instagram story, Toc Tien posted a message with antifan that attracted the attention of the audience. Accordingly, this person caused anger when sarcastic about the birth of Toc Tien and Hoang Touliver: "Getting married does not give birth to anything"...

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Mai Ngo, Cao Ba Hung landed in Rap Viet season 2, Rhymastic spoke with a long "heart letter"

team youtuber10:03:08 16/04/2021
Not only maintaining the form in terms of the number of contestants, but also the quality of the contestants coming to the casting on the 2nd day as well. causing people to stir because of the hotness. A series of cult names that suddenly appeared such as Lil Wuyn, Captain Hustlang Robe, The Night, Seachain have multiplied the heat of...

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The dreamlike "fairy dong - female pearl" couple of Vietnamese showbiz

team YouTube20:15:00 23/06/2020
These couples are praised in the words of the hottest, most beautiful, and most beautiful women in Vietnamese showbiz. The showbiz world always has a lot of noise with all kinds of stories in the sky and the sea to discuss, evaluate and compare. Besides, the love story in the showbiz world is also put on the scale for evaluation....

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THE WORLD OF STAR 24H PAST: Duy Khanh despite danger to "live virtual", the most beautiful couple in Korea broke up with regret

Team YouTube15:06:20 11/06/2020
Duy Khanh caused controversy when posing for photos in a dangerous position, the couple Korea's most beautiful Yoon Kye Sang and Miss Lee Honey sad farewell... is one of today's remarkable entertainment news! Video summarizing the hottest entertainment news of the day. Despite the danger of life, Duy Khanh decided to have a picture

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