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Journalist Han Ni scolded Phuong Thanh: "When there is not enough talent, people use tricks"

Rosé10:47:00 04/06/2022
Accordingly, journalist Han Ni does not accept that an artist makes a joke from the audience, and at the same time, the female journalist also wants fans to choose the right and wise information on social networks. Phuong Thanh's assertion that Doan Chi Kien is just a lover in...

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Phuong Thanh's young love is cold and indifferent to the female singer: It's not like being in love!

Nắng09:43:41 31/05/2022
The pilot's attitude to the 20-year-old female singer Phuong Thanh caused people to argue fiercely and doubt the couple's relationship: "Men are too indifferent, Chanh is too passionate". After a day revealing the identity of her younger lover Doan Chi Kien to fans, singer...

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