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Fang My Chi has not yet entered the competition, has revealed many hints will be crowned Miss Grand 2024?

Xuka15:31:55 04/01/2024
In the clip, the singer born in 2003 reveals a weakness in her catwalk ability that has not been professionally mastered. However, Phuong My Chi has been guided by Lan Khue wholeheartedly and meticulously such as adjusting shoulders when catwalking...

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Phuong My Chi received good news after registering for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024

Xuka12:17:16 02/01/2024
Recently, Phuong My Chi unexpectedly shared the image of the application form for Miss Grand Vietnam 2024. She also attached a caption full of subtext: Many happy new year things! Unfamiliar....

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Phuong My Chi and her rumored boyfriend suddenly revealed pictures of their intimate embrace, is the "other half" a celebrity?

Kim Lâm16:57:21 10/12/2023
Phuong My Chi's love story in recent days has received special attention from the online community. Recently, intimate images of the female singer and her rumored boyfriend were widely shared, attracting everyone's attention.

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Phuong My Chi has just created a storm at Who Is It Who has continued to cause a fever with lover's taste, straight up MONO

Nắng15:19:48 11/07/2023
Phuong My Chi is known as a young singer associated with folk music. Just turned 20 years old, My Chi is quite secretive about her private life. Suddenly she became a mentor of the dating show Who is that, leading to many debates.

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Phuong My Chi as CEO is still innocent, Huyen Tran (Tinh That Bong Lai) becomes a sad fate

Tiểu Yến Tử11:06:53 25/02/2023
Not only famous for her beautiful voice, Phuong My Chi has also received a lot of attention from the online community in the past time as a TikTok-er with creative singing and dancing content on this platform. Recently, singer and "comedian" Phuong My Chi has just posted on her...

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Phuong My Chi encountered changes in her career, and her manager apologized after announcing her appointment as CEO at the age of 19

Nắng14:09:28 25/11/2022
On the evening of 24/11, the audience accessed the MV Date me in the next life - the newly released music product of singer Phuong My Chi - when they received a notification that the video was not available due to copyright complaints. Not long after, singer Phuong My Chi s...

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Phuong My Chi, Thien Nhan are getting more and more advanced, competing to be CEO, Ho Van Cuong is going down more and more

Nắng09:01:06 19/11/2022
Thien Nhan and Phuong My Chi are both c.hild vocalists, highly appreciated by the audience, and will have a bright future. However, over time, both their lives and careers changed. The main thing in common is that Phuong My Chi and Thien Nhan both became CEOs at a young age...

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Phuong My Chi and his huge fortune at the age of 19: Worthy of the great Vbiz

Nắng09:56:15 15/11/2022
Phuong My Chi became known to the public after participating in the first season of the Vietnamese Voice C.hild Contest. After the contest, she was adopted by Quang Le and entered showbiz. Since then, Phuong My Chi and her family's life has improved significantly. After spending...

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Phuong My Chi officially became CEO at the age of 19, r.evealing the great power behind

Nắng15:24:42 12/11/2022
Phuong My Chi is one of the mature vocalists from the Voice of Vietnam program. Coming out of the contest, Phuong My Chi pursued her passion for singing and achieved certain successes, receiving the love of a large audience. Besides the artistic path, Phuong My Chi also focuses...

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Phuong My Chi hinted that she was about to take part in a beauty contest, causing fans to 'stand still'?

Nắng10:45:55 23/09/2022
Recently, Phuong My Chi suddenly shared a remarkable image on social networks. That was the moment the young singer met Miss World Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong. In the photo, it can be seen that next to a beautiful, radiant Mai Phuong is a good-looking, cute Phuong My...

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Phuong My Chi was praised by fans: 'Ho Van Cuong has no door'

Nắng13:56:04 08/08/2022
While a part of the audience argued fiercely, there were also many people who said that Phuong My Chi and Ho Van Cuong should not be compared because each singer has his own direction and audience. Recently, the clip of Phuong My Chi covering the song Hoa - Xich Linh was...

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