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Do My Linh continues to dress discreetly, wearing flat shoes after the rumor of being pregnant for 4 months

Mộc16:41:00 09/12/2022
After the magnificent wedding with Do Vinh Quang, Do My Linh's marriage received special attention from the audience. Appearing at the event after the rumor of pregnancy, the queen received many compliments for her radiant appearance, but she was exposed to wide clothes to cover...

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Husband Do My Linh from the president of TikToker cooperated to record the clip, r.evealing the wedding space in the villa

15:18:53 21/11/2022
Recently, Miss Do My Linh officially revealed the wedding space with her husband. She rarely shows off her husband on digital platforms, but every time she posts on her personal page, it causes a storm. Since sharing a house with her son Bau Hien - businessman Do Vinh Quang...

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Do Vinh Quang pampered his wife all the way after going to pick up the "good news", Do My Linh has a very sweet action

10:45:32 19/11/2022
After the wedding, the queen and her youngest son "Bau" Hien enjoy a happy married life. Young master Do Vinh Quang also took his wife to shop, loved the mat to the fullest, making everyone jealous. After the wedding, the married life of Miss Do My Linh and young master Do Vinh...

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Do Vinh Quang revealed a photo of when he was dating his wife Do My Linh, the moment of love took the spotlight

Minh Hà07:41:47 16/11/2022
The delicate and sweet action that young master Do Vinh Quang gave to Miss Do My Linh made many people whisper and admire. Now they have officially returned home after dating. After a long time of secret dating, on October 23, Do My Linh and her son Hien - Do Vinh Quang got...

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Young master Do My Linh's husband takes care of his grandchild, netizens say: 'I hope to have children!'

Minh Hà15:10:43 09/11/2022
After getting married, the married life of Do My Linh and her husband attracted many people's attention. The queen returned to be the bride of a noble family, loved and pampered by her businessman husband. Miss Do My Linh and her son Hien officially returned to the same house...

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Do My Linh and her husband appeared at a family party, still keeping a distance after returning to the same house

Minh Hà14:46:31 04/11/2022
Since becoming a bride and groom, Do My Linh and her husband still rarely share photo frames together. Recently, they appeared at a family party, but the young couple still kept their distance from each other, making people pay attention. After the wedding, Do My Linh's life...

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Do My Linh's husband was discovered alone after the wedding, the reason why fans "stand still"

Nắng09:12:59 01/11/2022
After a period of public dating, on October 23, the queen Do My Linh and the young master Do Vinh Quang officially got married and lived together under one roof. The couple's wedding was watched by many people. After a week of the wedding, the couple has begun to return to their...

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Do Vinh Quang was "embarrassed" when expressing his feelings for Do My Linh on the aisle, the bride burst into tears

Minh Hà07:21:58 24/10/2022
In front of a large number of guests, the businessman felt a little embarrassed when he expressed his feelings for Do My Linh. He said his wife was "the destiny of life". And Do My Linh could not hide her emotions when expressing her feelings to her husband. On the evening of...

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Do My Linh smiled at the young master Do Vinh Quang when walking to her husband's house, the super car set landed

Minh Hà15:42:52 23/10/2022
The wedding ceremony at the private home of Miss Do My Linh and the young man's husband was held on the afternoon of October 23. The queen was extremely beautiful and elegant in a pink ao dai during the wedding procession. The bodyguards wearing white shirts and holding...

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Do My Linh and her son, Hien, revealed the entire wedding schedule: People were stunned by one point

Nắng09:12:58 22/10/2022
Recently, the wedding of Miss Do My Linh and her son, Hien, has received special attention from the media and a large audience. Currently, the couple is extremely busy preparing for the upcoming wedding. The wedding will be held privately, discreetly with the participation of...

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Young master Do Vinh Quang received a "terrible" wedding gift before the grand wedding with Miss Do My Linh

Minh Hà14:38:07 20/10/2022
After the engagement ceremony, the queen Do My Linh and her young husband Do Vinh Quang were surprised to receive a "terrible" gift from Hanoi FC. Young master Ha Thanh is busy preparing for the wedding in the next few days. Recently, Miss Do My Linh and her husband, young...

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Do Vinh Quang shows off a photo of his birth, r.evealing a special point in his marriage with Miss Do My Linh

Minh Hà14:26:24 17/10/2022
Information about the wedding ceremony of Do My Linh and the young man's husband is receiving the attention of netizens. Before going home with his wife Miss, young master Do Vinh Quang shared a picture of his parents and revealed an ideal marriage that attracted attention...

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Do My Linh prepares 5 wedding dresses, 2 extremely luxurious versions of the wedding invitations with the bold style of the Monarch

Minh Hà07:16:00 15/10/2022
The new bride Do My Linh continues to cause a fever with a set of photos wearing a wedding dress to prepare for the wedding. The queen chose four models for wedding photography in Europe and one design for the wedding that will take place on October 23. Recently, Miss Do My Linh...

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Do My Linh revealed the time to get on the flower car with the young master's husband, the queen was tired of being a bride

Minh Hà08:02:28 04/10/2022
On the livestream, Mrs. Pham Kim Dung "butters" to r.eveal the wedding date of Miss Vietnam 2016. However, the queen's side still kept this important day secret, making people pay attention. Recently, on social networks, photos are being circulated showing the moment Miss Vietnam...

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Miss Do My Linh is preparing for the wedding, the young man's husband does this right away?

Minh Hà14:49:17 22/09/2022
The audience is looking forward to the day Do My Linh officially becomes "a man's wife". Fans are eagerly waiting for the couple's joint frames shared on their personal Facebook. Recently, rumors of Miss Vietnam 2016 Do My Linh dating the youngest son of Hien's house - young...

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HH Do My Linh's wedding: The cast of dolls gradually appeared, the first face made everyone admire

Nắng11:09:00 14/09/2022
Recently, Luong Thuy Linh had a livestream to chat with fans. The beauty comfortably answered questions posed by the audience. Notably, Luong Thuy Linh also revealed a shocking news. She confirmed that she will be a member of the squad at the wedding of Miss Do My Linh and her...

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Do My Linh appeared in Do Vinh Quang's family, the moment the queen and her fiancé caught attention

Minh Hà13:45:31 09/08/2022
The image of Do My Linh eating and drinking at a family meal with her future husband's family made people excited. The post-wife, born in 1996, wore an elegant dress and took pictures happily with everyone. Do My Linh was crowned Miss Vietnam when she was a student at Hanoi...

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Miss Do My Linh suddenly showed off having dinner with "that person", after accepting a sweet marriage proposal

Minh Hà10:06:04 02/08/2022
The information that Miss Do My Linh accepted the marriage proposal of Mr. Bau Hien's son made many people surprised. Recently, the g.irl born in 1996 also showed off a dinner with someone, making people curious to guess the presence of young master Do Vinh Quang. Crowned Miss...

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Do My Linh appeared after rumors of accepting Do Vinh Quang's marriage proposal, standardizing a 'million dollar' bride

Nắng11:54:52 12/07/2022
Do My Linh still scored points because of her elegant dress style, high-walled gate and closeness. Miss Vietnam 2016 delicately chooses gentle makeup tones when participating in outdoor sports activities. Recently, Miss Do My Linh appeared on the golf course in an activity...

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