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Dr. Thinh revealed the shocking story related to Ngoc Trinh after Mrs. Nhan Vlog showed off her "pregnancy"

Mộc Trà15:59:52 31/08/2023
Dr. Thinh is also famous on social media for regularly posting funny skit clips. A few months ago, this doctor was also involved in a noisy denunciation with Mrs. Nhan Vlog, causing his name to fly further and further.

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Doctor Thinh was caught alive when he appeared at Ngoc Trinh's private house amidst the noise of secret dating: Stop denying?

Bình Yên14:50:29 11/07/2023
Ngoc Trinh and Doctor Thinh have a close relationship and walk together at many events. The two were also entangled in dating rumors because they revealed many romantic moments together.

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BS Thinh owes Ms. Nhan a thank you, Quynh Tran JP swaggers because he is defended by fans: "You are always right"

Xuka09:00:25 18/03/2023
In recent days, the controversy between YouTuber Le Thi Duc Nhan (also known as Ms. Nhan Vlog) and doctor Cao Huu Thinh has been the focus of public attention. When the matter has not calmed down, recently, many viewers, after regaining their composure, expressed their opinion...

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Ms. Nhan immediately attracted a special person, suspected of being turned away by her assistant, harming her in the midst of noise with Dr. Thinh

Xuka15:54:10 17/03/2023
When the noisy incident with the infertile doctor Cao Huu Thinh had not officially ended, recently the social network suddenly spread a post to recruit an assistant by Ms. Nhan Vlog, causing people to stir. This information appeared in the midst of the explosion of her noisy...

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Strangely, Dr. Thinh: Agreed to make a 72-year-old woman have children because she was given a house with 2 facades in District 1

Mộc Trà14:46:10 17/03/2023
Ignoring the noise in the drama Mrs. Nhan Vlog (a Vietnamese YouTuber living in Japan who is on a journey to find a c.hild through artificial insemination) mentions Master, Doctor Cao Huu Thinh, this doctor's name is often attached associated with the two words "infertility". His...

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How does Ngoc Trinh react when r.evealing a close picture with Doctor Thinh: R.evealing her attitude about noise with Mrs. Nhan?

Mộc Trà14:00:01 17/03/2023
Ngoc Trinh does not seem to care about Dr. Thinh as well as the noise he is going through with Mrs. Nhan Vlog. On her personal page, the "queen" still shares funny clips in daily life. This time, the noisy incident between Mrs. Nhan Vlog and Doctor Thinh is a h.ot topic on social...

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BS Thinh was revealed to be not inferior to Mrs. Nhan, r.evealing intimate photos of Ngoc Trinh, fans praised the couple's beauty

Mộc Trà08:13:05 17/03/2023
Because of the noise with Ms. Nhan vlog in recent days, the name of Doctor Thinh has also become the focus of the current social network. The doctor is still known for his many years of experience and is said by many people to have examined and praised the "cool hand" of this...

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