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Quynh Bei stormed public opinion, hacked the super height, shocked fans asked the reason

Gia Nhi16:13:07 04/06/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei continues to make waves among netizens, when suddenly r.evealing her super virtual height, everyone has to be bewildered and questioned to know the truth. Quynh Bei's move quickly took social media by storm.

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Quynh Bei revealed a photo showing off her bare shoulders, full HD once projected on the graduation screen

Phúc Sen17:05:32 03/06/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei has recently been exposed by netizens with a close-up image of half of her real face, which is no longer a speculation. This is also the image that was projected on the screen of Quynh Bei's graduation ceremony, which was leaked but not filmed, posted by her.

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Quynh Bei accused someone of being an impostor, and fans were stunned to realize that they had been tricked and led in droves

Phúc Sen16:48:07 25/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei is a character who has recently received great attention from Tiktok users. Recently, this hidden h.ot g.irl caused a stir when she confirmed that her image was being faked and profiting from her name.

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Quynh Bei revealed a photo of her face being scratched, her boyfriend was panicked and even more shocked when he learned the truth

Thanh Phúc16:53:27 23/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei just shocked the internet when she suddenly revealed a series of photos of scratches and injuries on her face, specifically the eye area. Netizens panicked and worried about the female idol. Notably, the r.eveal of her boyfriend revealed the truth.

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Quynh Bei was criticized for graduating from an easy major and a mediocre school, explaining her Good degree

Đức Trí17:06:54 20/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei just had answers for netizens when she showed off her image of graduating from University who was criticized for studying an easy major and a mediocre school. Not only that, her certificate with good grades was also brought under scrutiny.

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Quynh Bei graduated from the top university in Vietnam, shook her hips but was not lazy to study

Trí Nhi17:04:48 17/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei made fans stir when she suddenly shared her University graduation photo. Originally a private internet idol whose beauty was not made public, Quynh Bei in real life has quite respectable qualifications, graduating from a top school.

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Quynh Bei revealed her real year of birth, which had never been published, and fans were shocked by the hidden truth

Trí Nhi16:14:50 16/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Quynh Bei has just made netizens understand the truth hidden for many years, the media has never reported it. Accordingly, her real year of birth was suddenly made public in her recent bachelor's degree from the University.

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Quynh Bei showed off her parents for owning 104 billion at the age of 23, the truth behind shocked fans

Gia Nhi16:10:29 15/05/2024
Tiktoker Quynh Bei just had a post that made the whole internet stir, when she suddenly showed off on her personal page that her parents gave her the opportunity to hold 104 billion in assets even though she was only 23 years old. The truth immediately follows. That was exposed by people, who were surprised and bewildered.

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TikToker Quynh Bei revealed her true beauty, voiced confirmation, causing fans to rumble

Khánh Huyền15:42:12 10/05/2024
Buzzing social media in recent days is the real side of TikToker Quynh Bei. Without letting netizens argue further, she has also recently confirmed the information about these images.

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Quynh Bei: TikToker hides her appearance, not afraid to lift her shirt to respond to anti-fans

Hướng Dương20:09:34 26/04/2024
Similar to Xuan Ca, Quynh Bei is also known as a TikToker who owns a series of clips showing off her million-view choreography. However, this g.irl makes viewers feel uncomfortable because she always seems mysterious.

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