TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names

Khánh HuyềnFeb 20, 2024 at 14:28

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Many TikTokers have emerged thanks to their beauty and talent, attracting the attention of many social network users. These are two cases that despite having been involved in a lot of "third person" noise, still confidently faced that wave.

There are many cases of TikTokers emerging and then encountering noise because of their dirty past, and being called "tuesday" by their faces is not uncommon. However, the girls who choose to face it and continue their efforts to become famous include the following names:

"Lan Khue student" - TikToker Ngoc Ngoc

Ngoc Ngoc's real name is Tran Bao Ngoc (born 2002). Before being known to the audience through the most popular reality TV show of 2023 - The New Mentor, she was an influential Tiktoker and Influencer on social networks. She is famous on the social networking site Tiktok because of her unique and somewhat "unique" dressing sense.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 1

Previously, in a closed group specializing in discussing the private lives of h.ot girls and h.ot boys on Facebook, many people could not help but be confused. It was known that the owner of the article accused N. - the h.ot g.irl with curly hair who is said to be "Tuesday" a saboteur. ruining the feelings of a fashion shop owner. Faced with continuous attacks from the online community, the h.ot g.irl has taken steps to clarify her actions.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 2

However, it seems that people still do not believe her and even some people who used to be acquaintances and friends of N. also accused her of having an affair with the owner of a fashion shop who already had a lover, among them was himself. the shop owner's sister. The immediate consequence of this is that many people have boycotted this brand and that fashion shop also had to apologize and end cooperation with N.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 3

The online community is constantly arguing about this issue. As for N., after the explanation, she remained silent and did not make any other moves.

H.ot g.irl N. mentioned in the above article quickly entered the "sight" of netizens. Through the details of the "hot g.irl with curly hair" netizens quickly found out, the identity of the "green tea" in the article is said to be none other than Ngoc Ngoc.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 4

After taking over the media thanks to her appearance on The New Mentor, Ngoc Ngoc was continuously "dug up" by netizens about this series of noise. Many people believe that a scandalous person like her does not deserve to appear in public and become famous.

Best friend Xuan Ca - Tiktoker Quynh Nhu

As a hotgirl with many dance clips with millions of views on TikTok, Quynh Nhu (born 2001) emerged at the same time as Xuan Ca and at the same time both are close sisters. At a time when many people were paying attention to her name, Quynh Nhu became even more excited when her past as a minor was revealed.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 5

According to the accuser, Quynh Nhu then interfered in her ex-lover's love life. Meanwhile, Quynh Nhu himself knows he is happy with his new love.

Because she was so upset when her ex-lover came over without even inviting her, her girlfriend decided to talk clearly, but Quynh Nhu's attitude was said to be unkind, so she decided to post an e.xpose. He even set up a fanpage to e.xpose a series of evidence accusing Quynh Nhu of being a "tuesday".

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 6

Even though the incident has passed 2 years, the rediscovery still caused Quynh Nhu to lose a significant number of fans. Many people did not expect such a beautiful and cute g.irl to be the third person.

Suddenly "turned away" by fans, Quynh Nhu recently spoke up and said everything. Accordingly, Quynh Nhu believes that the 2021 self is a bit impulsive, so she is not skillful in handling things.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 7

Besides, Quynh Nhu affirmed that she had apologized to her ex-boyfriend's new lover. "That's who I am in this matter and I apologized to my girlfriend right from the first messages and when we met," Quynh Nhu said. Therefore, she hopes people will have an objective view of the situation and stop digging to push someone down.

It was thought that this series of scandals would drag down the reputation of the emerging TikToker, but it seems that the online community has quickly forgotten and continues to be immersed in her attractive clips.

TikToker named Tieu Tam: student Lan Khue and close friend Xuan Ca were called names - Photo 8

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