Who Is The Battle?

Topic: Who Is The Battle?

Tieu Chien officially publicly "flirted" with someone very sweetly, affirming that it was "the right time"

Mộc Trà10:54:12 24/11/2023
Whether it's a modern movie like The Sea of Dreams, H.ot Sun Beside Me or a historical movie like Ngoc Cot Dao, they are all very popular. Therefore, the actor's reputation is increasingly consolidated.

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Rare photos of Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac were released, revealing the whole truth about their relationship

Mộc Trà15:07:14 21/11/2023
Recently, a blogger released rare photos of Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac behind the scenes of the movie Tran Tinh Lenh. The two's interaction quickly caused a fever on social networking forums, implicitly showing the couple's real-life relationship.

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Tieu Chien publicly wears his engagement ring: About to get married with his girlfriend, Duong Tu "closed the door"

Mưa11:26:42 17/11/2023
Tieu Chien is a top celebrity in the Chinese entertainment industry. Big and small information about him is on the Weibo h.ot search, attracting great attention from netizens. Recently, netizens suddenly passed around secretly taken photos of Tieu Chien.

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Duong Tu lost his role because of Tieu Chien, Dilraba Dilmurat: What is the relationship behind?

Mưa15:27:12 30/09/2023
Phong Nguyet Bat Tuong Quan is the work receiving the greatest attention from the Chinese online community at the moment. Many bloggers have posted news that Duong Tu will play the film's female lead.

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Tieu Chien was exposed for the first time as a bad habit that is hard to get rid of, revealing a strange relationship with Thanh Nghi that shocked fans

Mộc Trà17:07:55 19/09/2023
It can be seen that Tieu Chien is extremely favored by brands when he has the opportunity to wear their priceless, even iconic jewelry. It's understandable that the actor feels stressed every time he goes on the red carpet.

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Tieu Chien's photos were released on a date with his new girlfriend, and the audience criticized one thing related to Duong Tu

Bình Yên12:59:28 15/09/2023
After two films, That Dreaming Sea and Ngoc Cot Dao, Tieu Chien continues to return to the small screen in 2023 with the film H.ot Sun Beside Me. This time, he collaborated with Bach Bach Ha, 8 years older.

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Zhao Lu Zi officially ascended to the throne, "sharing the tray" on a par with the series of peaks such as Yangtze and Xiao Chien

Mưa16:41:19 07/09/2023
Recently, the list of films certified by Yun Hop x Douyin Data for summer 2023 is attracting the attention of a large number of netizens along with a high level of discussion.

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Xiao Chien, who had just reached the peak throne, was bitterly harmed by Wushu Han

Mộc Trà14:58:42 06/09/2023
In terms of reputation and position at the moment, it is easy to see that Xiao Chien clearly holds the upper hand over juniors. However, the results show that Xiao Chien's newly aired drama is currently losing ground

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Xiao Chien received great news again, and Wang Yibo completely succumbed

Mưa13:37:02 29/08/2023
After two hugely successful films, The Sea of Dreams and Jade Essence Dao, another project of Xiao Chien is about to be aired, "Sunshine with Me". According to research, this film of the actor received quite a lot of good treatment.

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Xiao Chien officially announced the happy news to his lover after 1 year of dating, Wang Yibo revealed the secret

Nắng14:48:08 26/08/2023
Not only possessing a handsome appearance, but the 9x male beauty also conquered the audience with solid acting. This has contributed to Xiao Chien consolidating his position in television.

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Xiao Chien achieved a great achievement again, causing Yang Yang and Wang Yibo to just sink

Xuka15:13:50 24/08/2023
In addition, many experts assessed that Xiao Chien's career after the Tran Tinh Order improvement project can be compared to the noon sun, rising like a kite to the wind, even when facing a huge wave of boycotts

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Xiao Chien received great good news again, and Yang Zi begged to lose for this reason

Nắng11:03:21 18/08/2023
Weibo has published a reported list of the overall popularity of the summer 2023 series. According to this list, the top 3 most popular dramas of summer 2023 are Jade Essence Knife, My Fireworks, and Xiangtu School.

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Xiao Chien officially ousted Yang Yang and a series of famous names, w.inning the prestigious throne

Nắng10:36:12 14/08/2023
Not only that, the fact that many famous Cbiz men such as Tong Weilong, Thai Tu Khôn, Wang Hede ,... Being absent from the top 10 King Choice sparked a wave of intense controversy.

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Xiao Chien and Yang Zi joined hands to shoulder the great disaster, the reason for the audience's pity

Nắng16:38:55 08/08/2023
It can be said that Jade Essence Dao and Xiangtu School are the outstanding costumes of this summer. Although rated as a violent (hit) film, both suffer from this fundamental error.

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Tieu Chien was accused of playing bad things against Dich Le Nhiet Ba, determined not to spare Duong Tu?

Mưa11:15:01 29/07/2023
Although it aired at a later stage, An Lac Truyen, starring Dich Le Nhiet Ba, is considered the biggest rival of Ngoc Cot Dao, the work focused on by Tieu Chien.

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Duong Duong was downgraded, estranged after the wedding photo was leaked, Tieu Chien was under tension

Lạc13:46:13 18/07/2023
Although it is not a traffic backup, the people who have worked with Wei Dai Huan are all top A-list stars of the Chinese language, surprising netizens. It can be seen that the actor has worked very hard to find a place in Cbiz.

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Tieu Chien met with tension, the broadcaster looked down on his face, Dilraba Dil was touched in the private area

Nắng14:02:48 17/07/2023
Many netizens also called on Tieu Chien to stop cooperating with the Tencent platform when seeing that its reputation was affected a lot because the platform ignored the promotion of Ngoc Cot Dao even though this movie was showing and received a lot of support. of the audience.

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Tieu Chien set a terrible record, being the first Cbiz star to do this, being honored as a "king"

Mưa15:18:59 10/07/2023
Tieu Chien is one of the most sought-after stars on the Chinese screen. Thanks to his charisma, he brings the publisher billions of views through each movie he participates in.

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Trieu Le Dinh was overwhelmed by 2 junior beauties, revealing a strange coincidence with Tieu Chien

Mộc Trà13:19:24 24/06/2023
Tieu Chien and Trieu Le Dinh are both A-list stars of Cbiz. While one is a top saver with a huge number of fans, one is the hottest little flower of the post-85 actors.

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Vuong Nhat Bac created treason, directly deleted Tran Tinh Lenh from his profile, contradicting Tieu Chien?

Xuka17:14:28 21/06/2023
The act of directly deleting old works of Vuong Nhat Bac has climbed to No.1 hotsearch Weibo in both general and entertainment boards. Not only that, the name Tran Tinh Lenh is also thanks to that standing No.2 hotsearch Weibo.

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Tieu Chien was officially revealed to propose to his girlfriend after the Yangtze dating suspicion

Mộc Trà13:39:53 15/06/2023
The Sea of Dreams is a h.ot movie that has received a lot of attention from fans. In addition to the progressive acting of the cast, the extremely sweet interaction of Tieu Chien - Ly Tham also makes viewers excited.

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Tieu Chien and Duong Tu revealed their secret to the sky after hiding for a long time

Nắng10:39:43 12/06/2023
Tieu Chien is currently a h.ot name of Cbiz after his dual radio project - Sea of Dreams aired. Not only consecutively setting a record in ratings, but topics related to the movie were also noticed.

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Yangtze met with tension, in danger of being sealed, Tieu Chien spoke about love

Mộc Trà07:25:55 31/05/2023
Recently, a series of Chinese-language stars have been heavily criticized for coming to see BLACKPINK's concert despite sensitive circumstances. Typically, Angelababy, Trinh Tieu, etc. After this incident, a series of activities of other Chinese stars were also affected...

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Duong Tu revealed a shocking story while dating Tieu Chien, Duong Duong - Nhiet Ba was in the same house?

Tiểu Yến Tử09:53:48 07/02/2023
Recently, a blogger suddenly posted an article revealing about Yangtze. Accordingly, this post revealed that Yangzi is very good with Ma Sichun, recently helping her contact the female lead resources. This information quickly received a lot of attention from netizens, especially...

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