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Tieu Chien was accused of playing bad things against Dich Le Nhiet Ba, determined not to spare Duong Tu?

Mưa11:15:01 29/07/2023
Although it aired at a later stage, An Lac Truyen, starring Dich Le Nhiet Ba, is considered the biggest rival of Ngoc Cot Dao, the work focused on by Tieu Chien.

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Tieu Chien met with tension, the broadcaster looked down on his face, Dilraba Dil was touched in the private area

Nắng14:02:48 17/07/2023
Many netizens also called on Tieu Chien to stop cooperating with the Tencent platform when seeing that its reputation was affected a lot because the platform ignored the promotion of Ngoc Cot Dao even though this movie was showing and received a lot of support. of the audience.

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Tieu Chien set a terrible record, being the first Cbiz star to do this, being honored as a "king"

Mưa15:18:59 10/07/2023
Tieu Chien is one of the most sought-after stars on the Chinese screen. Thanks to his charisma, he brings the publisher billions of views through each movie he participates in.

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Trieu Le Dinh was overwhelmed by 2 junior beauties, revealing a strange coincidence with Tieu Chien

Mộc Trà13:19:24 24/06/2023
Tieu Chien and Trieu Le Dinh are both A-list stars of Cbiz. While one is a top saver with a huge number of fans, one is the hottest little flower of the post-85 actors.

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Tieu Chien was officially revealed to propose to his girlfriend after the Yangtze dating suspicion

Mộc Trà13:39:53 15/06/2023
The Sea of Dreams is a h.ot movie that has received a lot of attention from fans. In addition to the progressive acting of the cast, the extremely sweet interaction of Tieu Chien - Ly Tham also makes viewers excited.

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Tieu Chien and Duong Tu revealed their secret to the sky after hiding for a long time

Nắng10:39:43 12/06/2023
Tieu Chien is currently a h.ot name of Cbiz after his dual radio project - Sea of Dreams aired. Not only consecutively setting a record in ratings, but topics related to the movie were also noticed.

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Tieu Chien officially spoke out very harshly when it was announced that she was dating and managing a husband's life

Nắng17:08:05 17/08/2022
In recent days, dating rumors between Tieu Chien and the female manager have become the focus of Chinese social networks. Accordingly, netizens discovered Tieu Chien and the female manager many times wearing double clothes, from jackets, shirts to neck pillows. Tieu Chien's...

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Tieu Zhan revealed evidence of dating with his manager, fans strongly protested

Nắng16:41:34 15/08/2022
Tieu Chien is making one of the most sought-after faces in Cbiz. Therefore, the information about him, especially the love story, is always of special interest to the people. For a time, Tieu Chien regularly collaborated with actress Ly Tham, the two have been paired on screen...

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Tieu Chien and Vuong Nhat Bac were exposed to texting 'shady' love messages all day

Nắng09:12:57 02/08/2022
The relationship of Tieu Chien - Vuong Nhat Bac has always been a topic of interest to many viewers. Recently, netizens suddenly discovered more shady "hints" related to the couple. Accordingly, an account suddenly posted an article saying that if you go to Tieu Chien's personal...

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Xiao Zhan rarely appears on entertainment programs, the reason is first revealed

Nắng15:37:59 23/07/2022
Despite being a top traffic star, Tieu Chien rarely participates in reality and entertainment programs. This makes many people confused and curious. Many bloggers believe that Tieu Chien does this to keep the image and create the "mystery" right with the style of a top star...

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Tieu Chien caused a fever with the act of 'beautiful and beautiful people', fans had the opportunity to show their faces

Nắng08:59:54 30/04/2022
Tieu Chien is considered an example for fans to follow when many people participate in World Book Day after watching the actor's video, and society has since become better. Tieu Chien is considered one of the traffic actors whose acting is recognized in Cbiz. Tieu Chien's recent...

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