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The m.ale s.tudent passed as valedictorian with a record score. When the university principal came home, he was dumbfounded

Bình Minh17:41:16 16/04/2024
Because the m.ale s.tudent had a record high university entrance exam score, the principal personally came to his house to announce the results. However, the story behind the valedictorian touched many people.

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The valedictorian of a prestigious university worked as a beggar for 12 years. His parents cried when they found their c.hild

An Nhi12:22:30 14/04/2024
It is a pride of Hubei province, often envied by people because of its great academic achievements. However, the current Dieu Vien is in a dirty state with disheveled clothes, messy hair, and has not bathed for many days.

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Nhi Katy: Following in the footsteps of Chi Pu "taking the mic as a singer", accepting the offer to collaborate with her ex-boyfriend for fame

Gia Hoàng10:43:50 12/09/2023
Nhi Katy is one of the first h.ot girls, actresses, MCs of Vietnamese screen. When she participated in acting, she received more public attention. Nhi Katy's most recent music project caused controversy involving her ex.

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