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Lisa revealed the question of "slashing" Rosé after the show in France, the eldest BLACKPINK sister quietly set a new record

Nguyễn Tuyết07:59:13 04/10/2023
The noise of discord with Jennie has not cooled down, the youngest BLACKPINK brother continues to be seen expressing his attitude when he sees Rosé's photo. This led netizens to speculate that Black Xiang would disband sooner or later.

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Jisoo was "dumbfounded" for her role as a fairy in the new movie, netizens criticized Liu Thi Thi's "error version"

Kim Lâm09:08:03 21/09/2023
Movie project Dr. The upcoming release of Cheon and Lost Talisman marks Jisoo's return to her acting career. However, her role as a fairy received many mixed opinions on social networks.

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