Soanh hinted that there was a new person, "out of love" for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice?

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Every move of Soanh - Diep is now the center of attention of the online community. Recently, he also made people confused when he secretly said this about his ex-wife.

Recently, Soanh - Diep caused a stir when they announced that they were going their separate ways. Accordingly, the incident originated from the video titled "Goodbye" of the two. After this video, many speculations broke out, most of the online community said that the reason for the breakup was because Diep was unfaithful and went back and forth with his ex-lover. Although the correction video was posted by the owner, it seems that the negative news flow has not subsided.

After nearly a month of announcing that they were going their separate ways, up to now, both Soanh and Diep are still extremely tight-lipped on social networks. Ignoring a series of malicious rumors, the couple is said to still send messages about their love story to each other.

Recently, after a period of silence, Soanh rarely publicly appeared to attract the attention of the online community. Accordingly, he updated his latest image, "renovating" his appearance. At the same time, Soanh also shared about the previous noise: "Recently you have suffered too much and you realize you never took care of yourself..."

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 1

The hidden status line, without mentioning anything clearly, makes people curious. In the comments section, many people still hope that Soanh and Diep will still give each other a chance to get back together. Some even observantly discovered that Soanh was still wearing her wedding ring, this detail made fans happy because the two still had feelings for each other.

However, the lyrics of the song Kissing On My Tatts that Soanh used to insert into her clip raised suspicions that the couple had "gone their separate ways". Accordingly, the music has the following lyrics: "Bye bye you were a wrong choice. I chose someone else to do better. And you try to get used to loneliness..."

With the content of the song, here the listener can imagine that the couple is no longer together, "with you I will no longer remember my full name", even though the guy still misses his ex, he has to "break up". looking for someone new after my wrong choice. Is this the message Soanh is sending to Diep?

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 2

Previously, Soanh spoke up and admitted that they were going their separate ways. However, the guy corrected that it had nothing to do with the third person: "I would like to correct everything that Diep did not have an affair. Recently, Diep and I have had many disagreements about our views on life and currently we are both admitting it. Take time to think and change for the better. In this life, no one is perfect. Each person will have their own shortcomings. The important thing is to understand and change together... If there is destiny, we will find it ourselves. back together... Thank you for your encouragement and apologies to our whole family for the recent noise!".

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 3

Currently, every move of the couple on their personal pages is closely watched and followed by netizens. If Diep shared a sad status: "I wish I was better, I don't want you to get hurt", Soanh also quickly posted a response: " Just stay calm, good things always take time" and "Truth No matter how much they achieve, it's not enough if they don't have you in their hearts." The two's back-and-forth posted at the same time made people even more curious about their current relationship.

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 4

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 5

Soanh's real name is Tran Minh Son Anh (born 1998), owns a TikTok channel with more than 4.3 million followers. Diep's real name is Bui Thi Bich Diep (born 1999), the owner of the TikTok channel has more than 1.7 million followers and is better known by the nickname "Broomless Diep".

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 6

It is known that Soanh and Diep have been in love since 2019 and officially returned to the same house in early 2023 with an admirable love story. That's why, when the news of "going their separate ways" was officially announced, it immediately made fans surprised and sad.

Soanh hinted that there was a new person, out of love for Diep, saying his ex-wife was a wrong choice? - Photo 7

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