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Hue green nuoc - the sashimi of the ancient capital, the whole country is feverish for what reason?

Gia Nhi09:47:49 03/04/2024
The swallow, also known as the swallow, has a rounded, transparent or light blue b.ody. The snail is related to jellyfish, but only as big as a lemon.

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Chi Pu went to study for a master's degree after being called "junk" by VTV.

Hoàng Anh09:14:03 23/09/2022
In the future we may not only have 1 singer Chi Pu but also 1 more Chi Pu master. And I don't know how VTV will feel when he can call the name of a master's music product "junk". Recently, in the program "Cultural Perspective" on VTV1 channel, the program mentioned the story of...

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Chi Pu shocked with the comeback of 'Sashimi': The voice, the lyrics made the fans 'blush'

Nắng15:21:13 15/09/2022
Recently, Chi Pu shook hands with musician/producer Hua Kim Tuyen and director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu in the MV Sashimi. This is the second MV released in a month of the singer born in 1993. Before that, Chi Pu collaborated with Nguyen Phuc Thien for the MV Black Hickey. However, the...

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