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Trieu Le Dinh was attached to Phung Thieu Phong, his secret with a male star was rediscovered

Hoàng Phúc15:44:26 19/04/2024
Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong were once a famous couple in the Chinese entertainment industry. The couple confirmed their marriage in October 2018 and quickly welcomed their first son in April 2019.

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Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused

Minh Lợi14:04:14 17/04/2024
On April 16, Sohu reported that the Beijing court (China) had just decided to freeze Trieu Vy's assets at Hop Bao entertainment company. The estimated value of this actress's assets is up to 5 million yuan (17.4 billion VND).

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Bach Loc "drown" himself, was criticized like an aunt in the new movie, lost to Trieu Chieu Nghi

Diệu Anh11:04:00 16/04/2024
Recently, netizens were confused when Bach Loc appeared looking like an ancient aunt in the new historical drama Lam Giang Tien. Completely different from her usual image of being beautiful and radiant, causing her to be compared to a woman.

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Zhang Cezhi's son loves women more than his mother's age, Ta Dinh Feng is embarrassed?

Thảo Mai15:11:23 09/04/2024
Recently, Chinese social media was abuzz when a blogger posted a post on Weibo saying that Lucas (son of Cecilia Zhang and Xie Tingfeng) had a crush on the 46-year-old female coach.

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Na Chen: Feng Chen's 1st 0 2nd Century, the new breeze of Chinese cinema

Minh Lợi17:15:39 05/04/2024
Having no acting experience, his age is still young, but he was assigned the responsibility of portraying the role of Dat Ky in the masterpiece Feng God, Na Nhien caused many controversies for the audience.

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Cecilia Zhang braved the danger of giving birth for the 4th time, Ta Dinh Phong was hit by bullets

Thảo Mai13:56:46 04/04/2024
Recently, Chinese social media was buzzing when a series of rumors appeared about Zhang Cezhi. Accordingly, the actress is said to have secretly given birth to her 4th c.hild at the age of 43. She even suffered from severe symptoms of uterine prolapse.

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Zhao Liying went "occasionally", his appearance was like no other, just like Sun Wukong?

Diệu Anh17:27:01 03/04/2024
Recently, the latest images of Zhao Liying in the movie Data Phoenix were suddenly shared wildly on social media. What caught fans' attention was the resemblance to Sun Wukong in the current movie Journey to the West.

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Being "invited" by Zhao Luotu to act in a joint film, Chi Pu promises to "muddy the water" of Cbiz

Phương Thảo13:43:04 03/04/2024
After many rumors have surfaced in recent years, Chi Pu has officially confirmed her participation in the Chinese film project Qinghuandu scheduled to air next year. This is a new step in her career.

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Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liying's indifference

JLO16:45:58 02/04/2024
Many years have passed since Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng divorced, but the audience's interest in the couple is still relatively large. Recently, the sharing of talent from the Feng family about his ex-wife suddenly became h.ot again.

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Xue Xuan: Making Ho Ca regret his whole life, fasting time, choosing to go to the monastery

Thảo Mai16:27:44 01/04/2024
Referring to Hu Ca's love story, people often pity Xue Jiayu. A woman who is tolerant, generous, sweet and loves him with a sincere and passionate heart.

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Trieu Le Dinh - Liu Yifei compete in beauty: One is like a goddess, the other shows all flaws

JLO18:23:18 31/03/2024
Both are Tieu Hoa at the top of the 85th generation, possessing the same national level and towering resources, that's why Trieu Le Dinh and his colleagues cannot avoid comparisons from netizens.

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Le Nac Y: Being criticized for being poor, refusing to live with a wealthy son-in-law, despite being alone, he was still happy

Minh Lợi21:43:10 30/03/2024
Possessing a handsome face and impressive acting skills, actor Le Nac Y is not used by TVB. Above all, because of his poor background, he was looked down upon by his wife's family.

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On Bich Ha was incensed when he encountered an incident, the fire burned his hair, and his beauty was affected?

JLO16:20:39 29/03/2024
On March 28, Sohu reported that On Bich Ha encountered a problem while attending manager Tran Thuc Phan's birthday party. While posing for a photo, Dat Ky's hair, the most beautiful on screen, caught fire from the candle behind him and burned like a torch in just a few seconds.

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Trieu Le Dinh - Bach Loc: Competing for acting and reputation, who deserves to play Du Phuong Hanh?

Đình Như22:07:08 26/03/2024
Three years ago, Trieu Le Dinh almost did not participate in the famous project Du Phuong Hanh for many reasons and his favorite chicken Vu Chinh - Bach Loc was considered by the crew to play this role.

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Ton Vinh An - the first Miss Hong Kong to have 3 husbands: 2 abusive, 1 addicted

Thảo Mai17:11:16 26/03/2024
In 1973, Hong Kong's first beauty contest was officially held. That year, the beautiful Ton Vinh An won the top position. It was thought that she would have a new, rosy life after being crowned, but in reality, she was in trouble all her life.

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Tang Shun Hy: Mom pretended to be sick and begged not to go into showbiz, rich family from movies to life

Bảo Nam17:12:28 25/03/2024
Tang Shun Hy is one of the male stars of the post-95 age group with an outstanding face and physique on the Chinese screen. Recently, fans discovered his extremely powerful family background, not even inferior to the male protagonists in romance novels.

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Pham Bang Bang publicly "disgusted" Zhang Ziyi: "I'm old but I like to play young roles"

Hương Duy15:03:33 25/03/2024
Fan Bingbing's teasing act was thought by netizens to be targeting his old enemy Zhang Ziyi. Currently, Pham Bang Bang's series of statements is causing a lot of controversy on Chinese social networks.

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Duong Tu suddenly got caught up in tax evasion, potentially losing his career

Hoàng Trang14:14:30 23/03/2024
Chinese social networks are constantly buzzing with rumors about the Yangtze river peak showing signs of tax evasion. Fans are also constantly looking for evidence to justify the actress.

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Duong Duong was admitted to the hospital for surgery, his condition was bad: Knowing the cause, everyone felt sad

Mỹ Hoàng15:04:17 22/03/2024
The news that male idol Duong Duong had to be hospitalized for surgery made his fans extremely worried. Although the surgery has ended, the actor's health has not yet returned to normal.

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Tran Lap Nong: Prince Cbiz is caught up in rumors of dating Au Duong Na Na's sister

Đình Như20:31:25 21/03/2024
Tran Lap Nong (born October 3, 2000 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is known as a male singer and member of the band Nine Percent (9%). In 2018, he excellently won second place. when participating in the Idol Trainee program.

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Ung The Nhi: The wife was "put on her head" by Tran Tieu Xuan, high-handedly humiliating the little third

Hoàng Phúc17:34:10 20/03/2024
Before starting her acting career, Ung The Nhi won 1st runner-up in the Miss Chinese International contest in the US when she was just 17 years old. In 2010, Ung The Nhi married actor Tran Tieu Xuan.

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Duong Mich announced great news that threatened Trieu Le Dinh's career

Đông Nguyên16:45:59 20/03/2024
The news that Duong Mich will return to the screen with two new projects is currently causing a stir on Chinese social networks. The audience expressed their excitement because they were about to witness the moment when two little flower girls of the 85th generation confront each other.

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Duong Mich could not stand her ex-husband's "dirty tricks" and decided to gain custody of her daughter

Đông Nguyên11:01:50 19/03/2024
Duong Mich and her ex-husband Luu Khai Uy have a daughter together. Currently, she is living with her father and grandfather in Hong Kong. However, Duong Mich spoke up to raise her c.hild after many times of taking advantage of her daughter from her ex-husband's family.

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Trieu Vy's m.urder order was lifted, she's about to return to Cbiz, divorced, in love with a young woman?

Thảo Mai14:59:26 18/03/2024
China Times reported that after a long period of being blocked, Trieu Vy's social network account has returned to normal and some typical works such as Painted Skin and Hoan Chau Cach Cach have also reappeared.

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