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Quang Linh Vlog "cracked" Thuy Tien, the boat officially "sunk": All because of an 8 pack male actor?

Phương Nam14:18:37 11/06/2023
Having eliminated many famous names to choose Quang Linh as her ideal model, Thuy Tien recently named an actor by name and decided to change her ideal boyfriend.

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Khoai Lang Thang dated Thuy Tien, Quang Linh Vlog immediately returned to VN?

Xuân Xuân11:38:06 30/03/2023
After interacting with Thuy Tien in an article and setting a date to eat, Khoai Lang Thang recently successfully invited the queen to have a meal. The moment immediately caused Quang Linh to be called everywhere. On the evening of March 29, Thuy Tien posted a picture taken with...

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Quang Linh Vlog announced the wedding date, surprising the people, the sister clearly revealed her lover?

Xuân Xuân08:10:12 22/03/2023
Becoming the "national husband" of the sister association, recently, Quang Linh Vlog surprised when it came to marriage. Besides, the love story of the popular male youtuber was also told by his sister once. Immediately, Thuy Tien was called non-stop. Recently, Quang Linh Vlog...

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Quang Linh Vlog - Thuy Tien and 7749 series of dating hints make fans across the country compete to "push the boat"?

KiKo10:02:57 21/01/2023
From the first time working together until now, fans probably can't count the times Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlog made people riot when r.evealing a moment to prove their love for each other. Recently, Miss Thuy Tien and Quang Linh Vlogs received a lot of attention and love from...

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Quang Linh Vlog was openly affectionate by "mother-in-law" but had to hurry to delete it because it was "reminded"?

pipi16:41:05 07/01/2023
Not only fans, but the community "pushing the boat" of Quang Linh Vlog and Thuy Tien also has another extremely high-quality captain that is Thuy Tien's biological mother. On the personal page, it is not difficult to see that the queen's mother is very fond of Quang Linh...

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Quang Linh Vlog action caused a "storm" with Thuy Tien's wedding photo, the g.irl's side was suddenly "won" by a runner-up?

N.P08:20:10 28/12/2022
Not in vain fans of "rowing" for a long time, the recent action of Quang Linh Vlog is currently causing a storm on social media with the suspicion that he is making a public move to express his love for Thuy Tien. Besides, Thuy Tien was also called out when suddenly a runner...

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Quang Linh Vlog is about to return to Vietnam, Thuy Tien immediately publicizes the man who "loves and steals"

KiKo11:02:35 21/12/2022
While Quang Linh Vlog is still in Angola and has not yet returned to Vietnam as promised, Thuy Tien recently suddenly repeatedly expressed her love for a special person who made people constantly call Quang Linh back to Vietnam urgently. . After a "h.ot" month with the World Cup...

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Quang Linh Vlog confided that after getting married, she might go to Africa together, Thuy Tien made a shocking move

Nắng13:38:39 15/12/2022
Quang Linh Vlogs is currently one of the most popular YouTubers today. In addition to life in Africa, many fans are also looking forward to the guy's public love story. Recently, the social network suddenly appeared a clip of Quang Linh freely sharing about his wife and...

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Quang Linh Vlog was sent an invitation by Thuy Tien to "get on the boat": Is this kind of real love?

N.P14:57:35 25/11/2022
Constantly being pushing the boat with Quang Linh Vlog recently, so the new clip of Miss Thuy Tien made people rumble and question whether the queen is sending words to Quang Linh and the couple s boat has really arrived. Collaborating with unexpected chemistry , Quang Linh Vlog...

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Quang Linh Vlog - Thuy Tien was "asked for money" by the manager, the insider's reaction was surprising?

N.P16:15:09 24/11/2022
Thuy Tien has 2 managers who attract attention in the fan community no less than the queen. Recently, in the livestream, the manager suddenly voiced asking for m.oney Thuy Tien, not only that, but also related to Quang Linh Vlog. Quang Linh Vlog and Thuy Tien are currently one of...

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Quang Linh Vlog "lost enough" with Thuy Tien, the dating signal is obvious: Is there still someone behind "seduction"?

N.P11:29:43 21/11/2022
As soon as Thuy Tien started the chess trend of Messi and Ronaldo, Quang Linh Vlog also immediately lost enough according to the queen, making many fans extremely excited. Many fans have even noticed that someone behind enticing Quang Linh to imitate Thuy Tien. On the eve of the...

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Thuy Tien directly "rejected" Quang Linh Vlog when her name was called, the man still "hugs the si tree"?

N.P10:26:49 16/11/2022
Posting a clip of the piano singing a new song, Thuy Tien continues to be called by netizens to assign her name to Quang Linh Vlog. Recently, to avoid misunderstanding going too far, the queen has corrected herself. After a feverish interaction on social networks, on her TikTok...

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Quang Linh Vlog was "heard" by Thuy Tien about dating, waiting for the man to say: Boat docked?

N.P11:04:10 15/11/2022
After Thuy Tien confirmed that she was only a friend, it seemed that the boat Quang Linh Vlog - Thuy Tien officially "flipped" recently, the queen suddenly made interesting moves. Recently, Quang Linh Vlog - Thuy Tien became the focus of attention when suddenly changing each...

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Quang Linh Vlog was "rejected" by Thuy Tien to date, immediately "pushed the boat" with another famous female star?

N.P07:54:17 14/11/2022
After the sweet interaction on the livestream, Thuy Tien suddenly vehemently rejected Quang Linh Vlog and said she was only a friend. However, many fans then suddenly pushed the male youtuber with another famous female star just because there was a coincidence during the...

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Quang Linh Vlogs received good news before bringing Loi Con back to Vietnam to visit Thuy Tien

Nắng11:26:45 03/08/2022
Recently, the image of Quang Linh Vlog has spread widely on social networks. People noticed this guy from Nghe An because of his meaningful volunteering journey. Besides, the combination of Quang Linh and Miss Thuy Tien also makes fans extremely excited. After a long time being...

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Quang Linh Vlog and charity journey from the heart, giving human values to life

Nắng15:27:03 23/07/2022
In recent days, a series of charity activities of Miss International Peace Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien (SN 1998) and h.ot YouTuber Quang Linh Vlogs (real name Pham Quang Linh, SN 1997) in Angola have attracted special attention. audience distinction. The team of Thuy Tien and Quang...

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