Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024

Nguyễn KimApr 30, 2024 at 14:12

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The journey to conquer the crown of the Miss World Environment contest - Miss Eco International 2024 has ended with the victory of the beauty from Ukraine - Angelina Usanova. Her beauty exudes classic, graceful beauty.

On the evening of April 28 (Egyptian time), the final night of the Miss Environment World contest - Miss Eco International 2024 took place in Egypt. The highest position belongs to a beauty from Ukraine. Hoang Kim Chi of Vietnam was not in the final Top 21.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 1

The titles of 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, 3rd runner-up and 4th runner-up were awarded to beauties from the Philippines, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia respectively. At the final night, the contestants went through the following competitions: name calling, national costume, evening gown, environmental presentation, and behavior.

After the competitions, the jury selected the top 5 final Miss Eco International 2024 including beauties from Indonesia, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada and the Philippines.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 2

Immediately after being crowned, the profile of Ukrainian beauty - Angelina Usanova quickly attracted the attention of beauty fans. It is known that this year's new Miss is 26 years old, 1.73 m tall, and once represented Ukraine at the Miss Universe 2023 contest but did not win.

Angelina Usanova's victory was surprising because she was not the candidate predicted by many beauty forums to be crowned. Previously, Filipino beauty - Chantal Schmidt - was an outstanding contestant, considered a potential candidate for the crown. In the end, Chantal Schmidt only won the 1st runner-up position.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 3

After the final night, beauty fans put Angelina Usanova and Chantal Schmidt on the comparison table. Many people believe that the new Miss Environment is inferior to the first runner-up in both appearance and behavior.

Filipino beauty fans expressed disappointment because Chantal Schmidt lost to the Ukrainian beauty. "She is very beautiful, but we like 1st runner-up more", "Maybe because Asia just won last year, this year she has a chance to be crowned"... are comments from the audience. fake.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 4

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 5

While participating in Miss Environment World 2024, Angelina Usanova won first prize in the Beachwear competition. However, her design was criticized for being cheesy and rustic. However, Angelina Usanova impressed with an outfit designed from recycled materials, simulating the image of a phoenix rising from the ashes in the Eco Dress competition. This unique design helped Angelina Usanova win 3rd prize in this competition.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 6

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 7

Previously, Angelina Usanova represented Ukraine at Miss Universe 2023 held in El Salvador but did not win. The beauty has a classic, graceful beauty with characteristic deep, captivating eyes.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 8

She is a model, musician, and yoga expert. Usanova completed her studies at ashrams in Austria and India, where she received the title of yoga master. Thanks to diligently practicing yoga, the beauty has a toned and attractive b.ody. She is also often chosen to appear on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Elle in her home country.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 9

Angelina Usanova is a beauty who works hard for charity. She organized housing for Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The beauty organizes activities to provide emotional support to war victims through yoga, meditation and sound healing, while also raising funds and donations to buy cars for the rapid evacuation project at the front. .

Angelina Usanova became the first Ukrainian beauty to be crowned Miss World Environment. By w.inning this title, Angelina Usanova continues to use her voice to develop the charity and social projects she is pursuing.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 10

The Miss Eco International - Miss World Environment contest was held starting in 2015, and is a relatively young beauty contest. The Philippines has won this competition twice, and Costa Rica, Peru, and South Africa have also been crowned.

"Miss Environment World is an international beauty contest that brings together representatives from diverse cultures with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of protecting the Earth and developing tourism. The contest The contest focuses on honoring the soul, b.ody and intelligence of contestants from all over the world," Miss Eco International's homepage introduces the principles and purposes of the contest.

Huge profile of the Ukrainian beauty crowned Miss World Environment 2024 - Photo 11

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