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Phuong Thanh continues to have a new boyfriend: American male acquaintances were born in 2000, carrying each other intimately?

Nắng22:11:20 08/09/2022
Recently, the social network suddenly appeared a clip of Phuong Thanh being carried by a young man on the road. In the clip, the "Empty" singer wears a simple white shirt and trousers, and honeycomb sandals. As soon as it appeared, the clip quickly became the focus of attention...

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Phuong Thanh is rumored to go to the theater to "serve" the gangster boss Nam Cam

Rosé11:21:31 23/07/2022
Under the comment section, the voice of "Once upon a time" shared: "They mean to turn Chanh into a gangster, then slowly lose his image, understand everyone." Not long ago, Phuong Thanh had the opportunity to make the public curious because her 20-year-old boyfriend appeared...

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Hoang Nguyen Vu "slaps" Phuong Thanh: "All day practicing, doing charity work, but still angry, blaming people"

Rosé13:50:07 04/06/2022
"I don't say who it is, but like you, all day I practice and then do charity work, but I still get angry, blame everything on people, all the life, I think it's not good at all. There's nothing in the world. This is without a reason, but no reason is as important as getting...

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Journalist Han Ni scolded Phuong Thanh: "When there is not enough talent, people use tricks"

Rosé10:47:00 04/06/2022
Accordingly, journalist Han Ni does not accept that an artist makes a joke from the audience, and at the same time, the female journalist also wants fans to choose the right and wise information on social networks. Phuong Thanh's assertion that Doan Chi Kien is just a lover in...

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