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Dieu Nhi was "isolated" by Phuong Lan among the Vbiz stars, Phan Dat immediately made a move to attract attention

Bình Minh09:42:06 28/12/2023
Dieu Nhi is actively running shows at the end of the year, especially with strong activities in the movie segment. While developing her career, she was constantly involved in noisy disagreements with female Vbiz stars.

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Kha Nhu did something special for Puka in the midst of the "no face-off" noise, fans exclaimed: We're close again!

Phượng Vũ17:41:52 12/12/2023
After a series of hints about retiring, Kha Nhu's latest move makes the public even more curious about the current relationship between her and Puka. Will the two be as close as before?

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Puka appears rounded and acting suspiciously despite denying pregnancy rumors

Minh Ngọc20:20:20 02/12/2023
After 3 showbiz weddings, Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet's married life has always received the attention of fans. Worth mentioning, after the wedding, the actress many times had questions about having good news because of the 2nd round.

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Doan Van Hau joins the "wife-addicted" group like Gin Tuan Kiet, his biological mother Doan Hai My "plays better" than the groom's family

Đình Như14:16:32 29/11/2023
Last week, the wedding ceremony of Doan Hai My and Doan Van Hau taking place in Hanoi is becoming the hottest topic on social networks. Some sources revealed that the couple will hold their third wedding party in Phu Quoc and only close friends will attend.

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Phuong Lan gave a unique gift to Phan Dat after the wedding, the Vietnamese star's reaction attracted attention

Tuyết Ngọc13:46:54 25/11/2023
Phuong Lan and Phan Dat just held their wedding on November 20, receiving a lot of attention from the public. After the wedding, the bride gave a special gift to the groom.

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Puka revealed her biological mother's mood on the day her daughter got married, cleverly s.howing o.ff her husband through just one sentence

An Nhi11:00:54 24/11/2023
After 4 years of secret dating, Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet officially returned home with many blessings from friends and audiences. Recently, the actress shared about her biological mother's mood on the day her daughter got married, receiving a lot of attention.

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Sam spoke up to correct her because she still wore high heels to attend Phuong Lan - Phan Dat's wedding

Cát Cát09:50:33 23/11/2023
Appearing at the wedding of Phuong Lan - Phan Dat, Sam attracted attention when causing controversy for wearing high heels to the wedding. Recently, she spoke up to correct this incident.

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The wife of tycoon Minh Nhua revealed her weakness when attending Phuong Lan's wedding, r.evealing that she does one thing for her husband every day

Tuyết Ngọc14:39:31 22/11/2023
Standing next to Minh Nhua at the party, Mina Pham was considered more beautiful and attractive than the pictures she posted on social networks. Many people can't help but admire her because her husband pampers her so much.

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Ly Nha Ky announced the time to get married as soon as she caught the wedding flower, asking Vietnamese stars to help with this

Nguyễn Kim13:46:08 22/11/2023
Phuong Lan - Phan Dat's wedding party gathered many Vietnamese artists to celebrate with the couple. Notably, Ly Nha Ky caught flowers during the wedding, and immediately afterward, she also announced to the stars present about her wedding ceremony time.

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Kha Nhu was "embarrassed" when Le Duong Bao Lam mentioned Puka's wedding, and immediately "put out the fire" with an action.

Nguyễn Kim10:56:25 22/11/2023
At Phuong Lan's wedding, despite appearing close, Kha Nhu and Puka were still criticized for awkward moments when talking about each other. According to a recorded clip, Kha Nhu's embarrassed attitude was clearly evident when he heard Le Duong Bao Lam talk directly about Puka's wedding.

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Puka shows off her strange waist after getting married, and "pray" for pregnant mother Sam, suspected of having her first c.hild with Gin Tuan Kiet?

An Nhi09:53:12 22/11/2023
At Phuong Lan's wedding, Puka appeared with an unusual butt, making people pay special attention. Not to mention, pregnant mother Sam's strange actions towards Puka made netizens even more suspicious that the actress had her first b.aby with Gin Tuan Kiet after getting married.

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Miss Tieu Vy corrected the rumor that she was pregnant because of a "harmful report" at Phuong Lan's wedding

Tiểu Trúc09:03:13 22/11/2023
Recently, Miss Tieu Vy and famous Vietnamese stars were present at the wedding day of Phuong Lan and Phan Dat. There is nothing to say if the queen is caught up in pregnancy rumors because of a bad omen. The owner also officially issued a correction.

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MC Minh Xu was upset and gave Phuong Lan 30,000 VND for her wedding, "tormenting" the bride and groom because of a disastrous mistake?

Kim Lâm06:44:24 22/11/2023
MC Minh Xu's angry status line when talking about Phuong Lan's wedding quickly attracted attention. The male MC also announced that he would go to the wedding for only 30,000 VND, making people curious about the reason.

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Tran Thanh was publicly scolded by Le Duong Bao Lam in the crowd, Lan Ngoc did not escape unscathed

Hướng Dương18:19:27 21/11/2023
At Phuong Lan - Phan Dat's wedding, besides the presence of famous Vietnamese stars: Dam Vinh Hung, Lam Vy Da, Miss Khanh Van,... Tran Thanh's appearance also took the spotlight.

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Phuong Lan invited her husband's 'ex-girlfriend' to the wedding, causing trouble to upset the bride

Vân Anh18:06:57 21/11/2023
On November 20, the wedding of actors Phuong Lan and Phan Dat took place with the participation of many artists. In particular, guests claiming to be the groom's ex-girlfriends were also present to bless the couple.

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There was a clip of Puka standing next to him but deliberately avoiding Kha Nhu, suspected of pretending to be cool, the seniors were embarrassed by this.

Thảo Mai14:31:34 21/11/2023
After a series of pictures of Puka and Kha Nhu meeting each other for the first time after rumors of a break caused fever on social networks, recently, a clip of a close pair of sisters continued to cause a storm on the internet because of both of their strange attitudes.

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Phuong Lan spoke her 'gut' words to Tran Thanh and Ly Nha Ky at the wedding, sobbing next to her husband Phan Dat

Phúc Sen10:52:21 21/11/2023
The wedding of actress Phuong Lan and her husband Phan Dat is taking the spotlight in the media. Besides the attention on the couple's love, at the recent wedding, bride Phuong Lan also shared emotional thoughts with Tran Thanh and Ly Nha Ky.

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Sam got Tran Thanh to do something special when attending Phuong Lan's wedding, fans are still worried for this reason!

Tuyết Ngọc10:40:19 21/11/2023
After confirming her pregnancy with her first c.hild, Sam's waist is now fuller and heavier. Appearing at her colleague's wedding, she was enthusiastically guided by Tran Thanh.

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Phuong Lan's wedding: Ly Nha Ky cried and hoped to get married soon when she caught the wedding flower, Vietnamese stars messed up a lot

Hoàng Phúc10:29:23 21/11/2023
On the b.ig day of actress Phuong Lan and her husband Phan Dat, as expected, businessman Ly Nha Ky received wedding flowers to ask her junior to settle down soon.

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Kha Nhu - Huynh Phuong proactively sat next to each other at Phuong Lan's wedding, secretly r.evealing their feelings?

Quỳnh Quỳnh09:37:18 21/11/2023
Phuong Lan - Phan Dat's wedding took place in Ho Chi Minh City with the presence of many Vietnamese artists. Notably, Kha Nhu and Huynh Phuong were also present amid dating rumors in recent days, both of them especially sat next to each other attracting attention.

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Puka officially "came face to face" with Kha Nhu at Phuong Lan's wedding, his attitude amidst the noisy break attracted attention

Quỳnh Quỳnh19:49:07 20/11/2023
After a noisy break because Kha Nhu was continuously absent from Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet's wedding, recently, at actress Phuong Lan's wedding, the two actresses had the opportunity to meet. The two's noisy attitude quickly attracted attention.

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Tien Luat opened his mouth to reveal that Kha Nhu was about to get married, the audience wondered if Puka would attend?

Minh Lợi14:58:45 20/11/2023
Tien Luat suddenly hinted at being the master of ceremonies at his close brother Huynh Phuong's wedding, causing the online community to wonder if there is going to be good news with rumored lover Kha Nhu?

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Phuong Lan beat Puka, received a house from her mother-in-law, and gave a "1-0-2" rule for Vietnamese stars to attend the wedding.

Hoàng Phúc09:43:26 20/11/2023
Recently, the engagement ceremony of actress Phuong Lan and her boyfriend Phan Dat was held at their home in Ho Chi Minh City. The cozy and elegant ceremony space was decorated with many fresh flowers. The couple chose blue and white as the main color for their b.ig day.

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Kha Nhu "ignored" Huynh Phuong at Phuong Lan's engagement ceremony, her last-minute gaffe clearly revealed the dating "hint"

Nguyễn Kim09:32:01 20/11/2023
At the engagement ceremony of actress Phuong Lan, Kha Nhu and Huynh Phuong were both members of the family of the groom and the bride. Here, the two were scrutinized by people for their every move because of recent dating suspicions.

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