Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giant's husband, the people were pleased for "holding" the secret

Kim LâmFeb 14, 2024 at 12:57

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After years of "hiding" his husband, Pham Huong recently surprised when his identity was made public for the first time. As speculated by the online community, this is a giant who owns a huge fortune and a collection of "huge" supercars.

Although she is no longer active in showbiz, Miss Pham Huong still receives a lot of attention and followers from fans, especially her life as a bridegroom in the US. In addition to being a housewife, Pham Huong is also the owner of a fresh flower shop.

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 1

Recently, the mother of 2 children had a heartbreaking experience on a news site in the US. Accordingly, Pham Huong shared his love of flowers, looking forward to opening more branches in the future. Most especially, Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 clarified her husband's identity in public for the first time.

Accordingly, the queen confirmed that the "other half" is businessman Bobby Tran. The article about Pham Huong provided information: "Pham Huong's husband is Bobby Tran, she calls him the 'biggest supporter', they both have 2 children and 2 children are in school. Pham Huong took advantage of her free time to pursue her passion for flowers."

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 2

In the past, Pham Huong was caught with businessman Bobby Tran taking his son to a park in the US, but at that time she decided to keep her identity anonymous, not confirming any information. In August 2023, Pham Huong returned home and took wedding photos with businessman Bobby Tran. Currently, the two have not revealed their wedding plans.

It is known that Bobby Tran is Viet Kieu, the CEO of a corporation with branches in many Asian countries. Pham Huong's husband is also involved in real estate, supporting start-up businesses. Despite being in his 50s, businessman Bobby Tran is still very stylish, dashing and beautifully complimented sometimes appearing with his wife. The businessman also has a collection of supercars belonging to expensive brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti ... Pham Huong also used to check in luxuriously with supercars in the US. On special occasions, the queen is given resort villas, diamonds and many expensive brands by her husband.

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 3

About the reason why he still decides to keep his face private when posting photos on social networks, Pham Huong shared: "Because he is not a showbiz person. He's just a normal person. Their lives, their work will be uncomfortable. I just want them to have an idyllic life, a normal family. I myself accept being a normal person, giving up my aura so that other students can shine."

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 4

On the 1st of Tet Giap Thin, Miss Pham Huong showed off a series of photos celebrating Tet with her husband and two warm boys at the villa that attracted a lot of attention. Living in the US, Pham Huong maintains the traditional custom of celebrating Tet.

The villa space is filled with traditional Tet flavors prepared by the queen herself every Tet holiday. She prepared all kinds of accessories such as red lanterns, paper fans, Spring greetings, watermelons, cakes and displayed them in every corner of the house, bringing a very cozy feeling. She said her two children enjoyed New Year's Day because their mother gave them out.

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 5

In the photo, she was dressed in a tonal tunic with two boys. The beauty of the former Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 is still as beautiful and brilliant as the first days of her coronation. In particular, Pham Huong also rarely posted pictures of love with his husband.

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 6

Since settling in the US, the Haiphong-born queen has actively shown photos of her daily life on social networks but has never "zoomed" close to her businessman's husband. Looking at the photo, beauty fans can easily see that her husband is very stylish and elegant in a blue suit.

Pham Huong confirmed the identity of the giants husband, the people were pleased for holding the secret - Photo 7

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