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Hoa Xu: "Dancing machine" became famous overnight, constantly being compared to Xuan Ca

Hoa Tuyết13:42:11 26/03/2024
Hoa Xu is known for a series of clips that are going viral on TikTok with her extremely catchy dance moves. Possessing ruffled hair and a very unique dressing sense, she makes many h.ot TikTokers feel shy when standing next to her.

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Pew Pew, Xoai Non were called names because of their involvement with "livestream hotgirl" Nguyen Hoang Mai Ly

JLO13:51:39 28/12/2023
In recent days, information related to the warehouse of a famous h.ot g.irl selling online goods on the internet was suddenly inspected by the authorities, attracting the attention of public opinion.

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Xemesis became a "wife flatterer" after 3 years of marriage to his beautiful, angelic wife

Vân Anh19:14:32 28/11/2023
After getting married, Xemesis was lovingly nicknamed by fans as the saint of wife flattery. Because people will occasionally see a streamer going online to flex his beloved wife with sweet words, full of flattery.

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Tram Anh lives like a queen, plays golf and slaps her beauty, is suspected of "hunting giants" to change her life

M.A14:29:50 04/06/2023
Hotgirl Tram Anh once struggled because of leaking sensitive clips with her boyfriend. Putting aside the past, the Thanh g.irl now has a much more luxurious new life. The beauty also revealed that most of her expensive branded clothes were bought by her lover and she herself was...

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Pewpew went to work abroad, Do Mixi opened a farewell party, cried all tears, fans shouted Tran Thanh's name?

Keng11:56:04 26/04/2023
Recently, on social networks, streamer Pewpew was widely shared on social media, lying in a row of seats waiting for the airport with the status line "Wish you thousands of safe miles, smooth sailing for labor export". In the picture, Pewpew is sleeping in the airport waiting...

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H.ot g.irl Tram Anh, after 4 years of r.evealing private videos, lived happily despite the market but still made mistakes

Anh Anh16:01:50 04/04/2023
Tram Anh is probably one of the hottest girls in the market while still active in showbiz. At the height of her career, she was entangled in a series of noises that made it difficult for many people to accept, forcing Tram Anh to leave showbiz. Possessing a charming and...

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Hotgirl Tram Anh revealed her strange hand to hug, netizens said "who are rich"

youtuber11:44:11 23/06/2021
Recently, she surprised many people when she posted happy photos on Tram Anh's personal page as one of the names. received a lot of attention from the online community. Possessing beautiful beauty, good-looking face, she has received much love through the program H.ot with the World Cup. However, sensitive clip scandal

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