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"Doll" Anya Taylor-Joy dominated the Cannes Film Festival, overwhelming Duong Yen and Guan Xiaotong

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:39:44 16/05/2024
The 77th Cannes Film Festival officially took place with the participation of the most powerful stars from Europe to Asia. On the second day of the event, the appearance of American doll Anya Taylor-Joy completely took the spotlight.

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On Bich Ha was incensed when he encountered an incident, the fire burned his hair, and his beauty was affected?

JLO16:20:39 29/03/2024
On March 28, Sohu reported that On Bich Ha encountered a problem while attending manager Tran Thuc Phan's birthday party. While posing for a photo, Dat Ky's hair, the most beautiful on screen, caught fire from the candle behind him and burned like a torch in just a few seconds.

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Trieu Lo Tu and female stars were criticized for being "beautiful" but not "beautiful" for doing this with an assistant.

Hoàng Phúc08:53:43 21/01/2023
Famous stars always keep perfect and friendly images in front of the public. However, many times, they were "unmasked" of their true nature, caught in a scandal, suffered from a star disease. Some people show a bossy attitude, look down on employees, and some are even accused of...

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An Di Hien was disillusioned with her dream of being a mogul: Her husband was arrested, her property was lost, and she raised 2 small children alone

Thư Kỳ17:37:41 22/09/2022
Thinking that she would have a prosperous life with her rich husband who always loved and pampered her like a princess and two lovely children, An Di Hien now somewhat fell into depression. Recently, her husband Trieu Man - An Di Hien Tran Vinh Luyen was charged with 83 counts...

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'Hong Kong beauty' Ngo Uyen Phuong and rich life at the age of 55 after the d.eath of her billionaire husband

Yang Mi08:50:00 18/06/2022
Hailed as one of the great and talented beauties of the Port, Ngo Uyen Phuong always makes the opposite person jealous by life at the age of 55 when three children are grown up, young and beautiful. Whenever there is a discussion around the topic of Hong Kong female stars who...

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"Phan Kim Lien" Vuong Tu Y: Glorious career, difficult love, 50 years old still no children

Hoàng Phúc14:39:52 16/06/2022
Vuong Tu Y was rated as "the most beautiful Phan Kim Lien on the screen", "the most classic Phan Kim Lien". Her career is glorious, but her love life is difficult. At the age of 50, the actress's luxurious style and salty b.ody are highly appreciated. Many years in the...

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Zhang Ziyi, Ni Ni and the Chinese stars let the assistants kneel to serve and serve

Hou00e0ng Anh14:08:56 16/05/2022
Despite being applauded by thousands and tens of thousands of people, the casual act of letting assistants serve as kings and queens still makes these stars receive many bricks and stones. A lot of controversy revolves around whether stars should let assistants and employees...

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Chung Han Dong is increasingly "falling down", holding the title of "junk movie queen" because of one mistake.

Hoàng Phúc09:59:46 15/04/2022
This makes the audience regret the beauty and talent for a while, especially when Thai Trac Nghien - a member of the same group TWINS - still maintains his form. Sina recently reported that Chung Han Dong (A Kieu) starred in the movie Thanh Xa: Predestined. The project was rated...

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Nham Dat Hoa: "The lust tycoon" is known as the sack b.oy, causing Cbiz to be afraid but "putting his wife on his head"

Yang Mi14:51:45 13/04/2022
Famous as the boss of the h.ot scenes on the Hong Kong screen or the "boss" who screams out fire, everyone is afraid, but every time he comes home, Nham Dat Hoa becomes a husband "three obediences and four virtues". . "Bold s.ex tycoon" of Hong Kong screen As a veteran artist of...

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"Phan Kim Lien" 53-year-old On Bich Ha is still "in love" with young men, and her husband is jealous and red-eyed?

Như Ý17:31:45 23/12/2021
Wen Bich Ha was born in 1966 in Hong Kong. Many years have passed, On Bich Ha is still honored as one of the sexiest actors on the Chinese screen, an indelible beauty legend. Phan Kim Lien is the most beautiful on the screen On Bich Ha is the youngest c.hild in a poor family with...

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Chau Hue Man - "Hong Kong No. 1 Pearl" U60 beautiful "despite age", overwhelmed and defeated Le Tu?

Hoàng Phúc09:02:27 18/12/2021
Although she is 4 years older than "the first beauty of TVB", Chau Hue Man's youthful beauty is extremely outstanding. This year, although she has turned 54 years old, the beauty of the once-popular Hong Kong actress Chau Hue Man still makes the public surprised because of her...

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Chung Han Dong is mocked as "The fattest Dat Ky in Cbiz", her beauty is getting worse and worse after the divorce

An Nhi14:09:47 16/11/2021
Chung Han Dong's role of Dat Ky in an online movie project called "Phoenix: Dat Ky" startled the audience because it was too fat. The broken marriage with doctor Lai Hoang Quoc caused Gillian to suffer a great mental s.hock. The famous singer of the Twins group has disappeared...

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Pham Bang Bang, On Bich Ha and the most beautiful "fox" of the Chinese screen

Hậu Hậu20:54:06 12/08/2021
Many famous names such as Pham Bang Bang, Duong Mich, Lam Tam Nhu .... have all played the role of a fox, but it is very difficult for anyone to surpass Chau Tan and On Bich Ha, Vuong To Hien. Chau Tan In the movie "Paradise", Chau Tan was extremely successful with the fox...

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On Bich Ha surprised when she wore a wedding dress on her birthday

Hồng Hạnh16:51:15 30/07/2021
The most beautiful lady on the screen surprised when wearing a wedding dress on her birthday. On July 30, On Bich Ha posted a photo of her 55th birthday on her personal page. The actress held a simple sweet party with friends because of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic...

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On Bich Ha - The most beautiful "Dat Ky" on the screen revealed a stiff, aging face, but netizens praised

team youtube10:44:33 19/06/2021
Recently, 55-year-old actress On Bich Ha attracted attention when she appeared at an event of a alcohol brand. She wears a yellow two-piece dress and a very youthful brim hat. However, the Hong Kong beauty monument once surprised the audience with a lot different beauty than before. On Bich Ha is considered one of the beauties

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On Bich Ha - Phan Kim Lien is the most charming Chinese screen

team youtube18:16:56 22/03/2021
If anyone has been watching the movie Kim Binh Hatred produced by TVB and is currently showing on VTV3, they will probably never forget the beautiful, flirtatious, charming Phan Kim Lien character, but in his heart is always messy. confide. The role of On Bich Ha has been loved...

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Hong Kong's top 10 'turning country' beauties

PV11:56:43 06/06/2020
Hong Kong screens in the 80s-90s produced many beautiful actresses, who became beauty monuments in the hearts of fans. Together with vietgiaitri, take a look at 10 wonderful Hong Kong beauties that year, the audience pursued. Top 10 beauties leaning towards the city of Hong Kong

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