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BLACKPINK "takes over" the top most beautiful faces in Kpop 2023: Rosé "slams" the champion, Jisoo is a surprise

An Nhi11:20:29 27/11/2023
The Korean entertainment industry is a land with many beautiful and talented beauties. Recently, a poll for the top 20 most beautiful female faces in KPop 2023 was held. Notably, the 4 BLACKPINK girls excellently won the top positions.

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BLACKPINK was "exposed" by doctors about plastic surgery: Lisa fixed most of it, Rosé cost more than half a billion

Uyển Đình10:52:48 14/09/2023
BLACKPINK is not only famous for their musical talent but also attracts a large number of fans by their top-notch visuals. However, a well-known cosmetologist firmly asserted that 4 beauties have all touched cutlery, not even less than 1 time.

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