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"Pam Love" aired on TV with young master's father "Long Jasmine"

Phong Trần15:01:37 06/03/2024
National b.aby Pam Love Oi continues to make the online community feverish when confirming the information about preparing to air on television with Dad Long Jasmine in the program Mother Away from Home Dad is Superman.

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Pam Love: The famous corporation niece, goes viral with a series of super cute memes

Minh Lợi10:28:58 11/02/2024
Since birth, Pam's real name is Hai Duong, nicknamed Pamela - the daughter of h.ot g.irl 9X Salim (Hoang Kim Ngan) and young master of garment group Nguyen Hai Long has been noticed by the public.

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Salim's husband: From young master of a garment corporation, to becoming "big version of Pam Yeu Oi"

Phi Đức14:09:51 25/12/2023
In the past year, the name Pamela Hai Duong became one of the prominent figures on social networks. The g.irl is the daughter of the famous h.ot g.irl Salim and her husband, a young garment company owner.

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Salim was proposed by her boyfriend from a huge family, r.evealing her 2 groves

An Nhi13:00:49 08/12/2021
Social networks are constantly spreading the romantic proposal moments of Salim and his boyfriend Nguyen Hai Long. The hottest social network right now is the information that Salim has just been proposed by her boyfriend. It is known that her boyfriend, a h.ot g.irl named Nguyen...

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