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Doan Hai My was destroyed for thousands of dollars, the culprit was close to Doan Van Hau

Phúc Sen06:32:59 08/01/2024
Doan Van Hau's wife caused people to stir when she suddenly shared about an expensive brand item, priced at thousands of dollars but destroyed by a character. The identity of the p.erpetrator is even more shocking, when she is extremely loved and pampered by her husband.

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Doan Hai My peeled off the price of her face, responded loudly to plastic surgery intervention, how much did she spend to get her beauty?

T.P13:36:40 21/11/2023
Doan Van Hau's wife - beauty Doan Hai My - has an extremely scandalous move, responding to rumors of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery on her face. She said it all once, facing directly to peel off each part to get her current beauty.

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Doan Hai My revealed a photo of her mother-in-law taking her for a pregnancy check-up, the evidence is clear and hard to deny

Đức Trí06:22:45 20/11/2023
Beauty Doan Hai My was suddenly caught by a passerby team the moment Doan Van Hau's mother took her for a prenatal checkup right after the wedding. The previous series of suspicions with good news were immediately dug up by netizens, the evidence was so clear that it was hard to deny.

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Doan Hai My just suspected she was pregnant, Doan Van Hau's family revealed their actions, which gender will be rewarded?

T.P14:31:06 13/11/2023
Beauty Doan Hai My, who was rumored to be pregnant right at her wedding with Doan Van Hau, was given a huge reward by her husband's family, but there was a gender requirement that caused a stir among netizens.

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Doan Hai My revealed her pregnancy right at her wedding with Doan Van Hau, guests rushed to r.eveal the truth

T.P09:36:05 13/11/2023
Doan Van Hau's wife - beauty Doan Hai My accidentally revealed that there was good news at the wedding. The guests loudly congratulated him, and at the same time, the secret was exposed in front of everyone.

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Doan Hai My's personality was exposed by Doan Van Hau's relatives, how did the Hanoi g.irl return to her hometown?

Thanh Phúc12:46:28 11/11/2023
Beauty Doan Hai My caused a stir when her husband's family, soccer player Doan Van Hau, exposed her personality when she was just a bride. Hanoi girls return to their hometowns, but do not abstain from anything, and are praised for being both beautiful and beautiful.

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Doan Van Hau let his mother clean up the wedding hall and clean the photo frames for her son. Everyone who saw them shed tears

Phúc Sen15:59:26 10/11/2023
The wedding of football player Doan Van Hau and beauty Doan Hai My is receiving a lot of attention from netizens. Closer to the event date, netizens were even more excited, before taking photos of the male player's mother, diligently cleaning up her son's wedding hall.

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Doan Hai My cleverly replied that he was compared to his ex-lover Doan Van Hau when he had just publicly dated

Minh Hà15:54:09 19/08/2022
Doan Hai My is confident in her own worth, not hurt by comparisons. Doan Van Hau's current girlfriend said she is not interested in detractors or groundless rumors from the online community. On the evening of August 15, Doan Van Hau officially publicized a series of emotional...

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