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Ngoc Trinh shed tears when sharing her heart about the recent incident with Tra Vinh's relatives

Mẫn Nhi14:49:28 01/04/2024
Jade Trinh had finally accomplished what she had been keeping in her heart for so long. Recently, the model and her team had a very meaningful charity trip in her hometown of Tra Vinh.

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Ngoc Trinh is trying to get back the precious thing after the noise, preparing to return to showbiz?

Mẫn Nhi15:20:06 23/03/2024
After being entangled in labor, Ngoc Trinh lost something that was her personal brand, which was her perfect figure with 3 admirable curves. That's why she is currently trying to get it back as soon as possible. the better.

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Ngoc Trinh made poor people cry and worked hard to do charity after the incident

Minh Ngọc10:09:53 19/03/2024
Ngoc Trinh after the incident had many positive and more sympathetic changes in the eyes of the public. Recently, the model moved many people when she shared the moment when poor people burst into tears and hugged her.

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Ngoc Trinh raised funds to support the people in the Central region, the reaction was completely opposite of Miss Thuy Tien?

N.P09:47:28 29/09/2022
Before the difficulties of the people in the Central region because of the passing of Typhoon Noru, "underwear queen" Ngoc Trinh suddenly took action to raise funds to support. The reaction of the fans to this beauty's action is completely different from Miss Thuy Tien...

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Ngoc Trinh opened a business class, Nathan Lee immediately cursed harshly

Nam Phương15:51:46 24/07/2021
Nathan Lee continues to surprise fans when heavily criticizing "someone's business preaching". Emerging from the title "underwear queen", however, Ngoc Trinh is very cool in business. After many years of going up from the beauty and fashion model, at the end of 2020, the...

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