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"Second aunt" Ngoc Linh demanded a 2 million ring after breaking up with "second aunt", "accusing" her ex-lover of her bad personality

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:49:33 30/10/2023
The love story of same-sex couple Ngoc Linh - Ngoc Huyen is still a topic of interest to netizens. After the breakup, the second aunt attracted attention when she went to the second aunt's house to ask for the gift back, and at the same time revealed the reason why they went their separate ways.

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Miss Hai Bao after saying goodbye to Miss Hai Bao: Quit working as a worker, changed her appearance, determined to become a singer

Hoàng Phúc07:33:15 26/09/2023
After breaking up with Ms. Hai Bao, Ms. Ngoc Huyen had a very spectacular transformation. She even went on the mic and wanted to become a singer and youth idol, surprising many people.

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"Miss Hai leopard" suddenly wore a wedding dress with Aunt Hai after a series of drama days, both of their expressions caught attention

Nguyễn Kim11:19:10 30/07/2023
The LGBT couple Ngoc Linh newspaper is one of the viral couples on social networks in recent days. However, recently the two have also been suspected of breaking up. Not knowing how things will turn out, the two newspapers surprised netizn when they released a photo of a wedding dress.

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