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Kim Chieu Xao: Tieu Tam was rumored to be traveling, at the same time dating father and son Ngo Khai Hoa, now being cuckolded by her husband

Hoàng Phúc18:30:07 17/08/2022
Not only being successful in the entertainment industry, Kim Xao Xao is also admired for her lavish and rich life with her husband CEO. However, the actress was also entangled in many scandals. Recently, the Chinese social network also appeared information that she was betrayed...

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Le My Nhan: 'Beauty' secretly loved Luong Trieu Vy, was betrayed by 3 people and lived a secret life at the age of 56

Yang Mi17:49:46 18/02/2022
Possessing a "unique" beauty and a sublimated career, Le My Nhan encountered difficulties in love affairs. Le My Nhan used to be the leading name of TVB in the 80s and was one of the Five Great Beauties of Hong Kong in the 80s. "The Five Great Beauties" include: Tran Ngoc Lien...

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Cecilia Cheung, Charmaine Charmaine made a fortune after leaving TVB for Mainland

Thuý Minh13:58:16 17/02/2022
When the movie market in TVB is going down day by day, many big names in Port have found their own wise path, going straight to the Mainland market and reaping a lot of success and earning a lot of m.oney. In recent years, the mainland entertainment industry has developed very...

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Quach Chinh Hong - TVB actor "out of time", eating instant noodles on the street, sand is not enough to pay the rent

Hoàng Phúc10:59:24 23/12/2021
Recently, a video of former TVB actor Quach Chinh Hong eating instant noodles on the street sparked a heated debate among Chinese netizens. In the video, the actor Quach Chinh Hong wears a white hoodie and a black cap on his head, very simple. Although 57 years old, the actor is...

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Ngo Khai Hoa - The male lead " " has lost his career because of g.ambling and p.rostitution

team youtube22:00:00 18/03/2021
Ngo Khai Hoa used to be TVB's top male star, famous throughout Asia thanks to Ỷ of the long story (2000). However, his life ended with failure in marriage and was plagued by g.ambling, p.rostitution, and then lost his shadow in the late afternoon. Truong Vo Ky is the most favorite...

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