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Jisoo talks about BLACKPINK's future amid contract "turn", promises to do 1 thing at the end of the year

Snow14:39:51 02/12/2023
After w.inning 3 debut MAMA trophies with his solo MV Flower, Jisoo has had remarkable shares. At the same time, it revealed something important related to BLACKPINK's survival.

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Lisa revealed the question of "slashing" Rosé after the show in France, the eldest BLACKPINK sister quietly set a new record

Nguyễn Tuyết07:59:13 04/10/2023
The noise of discord with Jennie has not cooled down, the youngest BLACKPINK brother continues to be seen expressing his attitude when he sees Rosé's photo. This led netizens to speculate that Black Xiang would disband sooner or later.

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Jisoo was criticized the most, Jennie was constantly praised, what would happen if BlackPink disbanded?

Bình Minh07:36:06 16/08/2023
Having been underestimated many times for her voice, when debuting her solo product Flower, Jisoo's achievements are enough to show that Jisoo's charisma is not inferior to the sisterhood. In addition, she also received many compliments when encroaching on acting.

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BLACKPINK is opposed to continuing to renew their contract with YG, Jisoo has a difficult time with solo MV

Lạc Hoa15:11:43 06/04/2023
Besides the Born Pink tour, BLACKPINK's future is also attracting a lot of attention, as their contract with YG will soon end. Whether the group will continue to stay or not, has made fans curious all the time. After 7 years of debut, BLACKPINK is achieving the success that any...

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Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was "f.orced" to go solo even though she didn't want to, YG deleted the "crust" in the MV, the "flat view" was far behind Lisa?

Kiko10:12:48 01/04/2023
Expected to be the last member of BLACKPINK to make a solo debut, but Jisoo clearly showed her "weakness" without the other 3 members to support her. In "Flower", the female singer is controversial from vocals to choreography. After many days of waiting, Jisoo's "Flower" MV was...

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