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Does Phuong Nhi act strangely when meeting a group of sisters, revealing a hint that she is about to become a wealthy bride?

Bút Chì13:37:22 17/05/2024
Runner-up Phuong Nhi's attitude makes beauty fans confused as she is always the queen who interacts most with the camera. Many people predict that perhaps the Thanh beauty is about to become a wealthy daughter-in-law.

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Phuong Nhi shows a strange attitude towards netizens, preparing to return to showbiz?

Phong Trần14:38:55 12/04/2024
After more than a month of mysterious silence, runner-up Phuong Nhi attracted attention with a strange move. This caught many people's attention, some said that perhaps the queen acted like that to avoid negative discussions affecting her life.

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Mai Phuong broke through, surpassing a series of powerhouses and climbing straight to the top 3 at Miss World

T.P14:41:36 27/02/2024
Miss Mai Phuong continued to receive good news at the 71st Miss World, when she recently officially appeared in the top 3 awards voted by the audience, temporarily ranked first to compete for the top spot in the final.

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Phuong Nhi made antifans "spray glue" with this action after the international exam

Mẫn Nhi13:32:42 15/01/2024
After finishing in the Top 15 at Miss International, runner-up Phuong Nhi fulfilled her promise before going international, which was to return to the lecture hall to conquer the path of knowledge.

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Miss Mai Phuong is predicted by international beauty experts to be in the top 12

Mẫn Nhi20:05:22 07/01/2024
After announcing the rescheduling of the Miss World 2023 contest, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong - representative of Vietnam has more time to improve herself and perfect her compassionate project so as not to lose the trust of the home audience.

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Phuong Nhi was hit with the "out top curse", revealing more details identical to Thuy Dung, making fans "cry"

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:31:13 21/10/2023
Phuong Nhi's journey at Miss International 2023 is receiving the attention of many audiences. Recently, she caused regret when she was not named in the top 3 votes at the contest.

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Phuong Nhi revealed her subtle "weakness" again, proving her low EQ through one detail, fans are speechless!

Nhật Hân10:03:52 17/10/2023
As the Queen representing the country carrying the bell to f.ight in foreign countries, in recent days, Phuong Nhi has completely lost points in the hearts of beauty fans because of her unnecessary controversies.

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Phuong Nhi unleashed her secret "weapon" as soon as she arrived in Japan, ready to shine at Miss International 2023

Uyển Đình10:28:32 12/10/2023
After landing safely in Japan to begin the journey to conquer the Miss International 2023 crown, Phuong Nhi showed off her extremely beautiful, flawless bare face and said she was very excited for the upcoming journey. next.

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Phuong Nhi was labeled "the one-color Queen" and now has a "bold" transformation, people can't keep their mouths shut

Bảo Tiên10:12:30 21/09/2023
Miss Hau's spectacular transformation before leaving for the international arena surprised the online community. Before that, Phuong Nhi was always criticized for having long legs of one color.

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Phuong Nhi also used to "publicize" her boyfriend but was not as noisy as Y Nhi, broke up because of the registration subject?

Gia Linh09:42:30 14/09/2023
A series of intimate images of Phuong Nhi with a strange b.oy attracted the attention of the public. The runner-up's other half publicity has been compared to the shocking act in the finale of Miss Italy Children.

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Nam Em revealed strange moves in the night, 'dropped the bait' about the miss contest, posted a forum calling for the sky to shake public opinion

Phúc Sen15:29:01 30/08/2023
Singer Nam Em has just made a post that caused a stir online in the night, when he suddenly revealed a strange move, hinting at continuing to compete in the beauty pageant. Netizens stood still, even more bewildered, was a cry to heaven, begging for health.

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Bao Ngoc was again "held" by the Golden Lotus in the finale of MGVN 2023, making the cast of Vbiz beauties happy

Bảo Tiên14:53:39 28/08/2023
This is not the first time that Miss Bao Ngoc has been carried by the Golden Lotus as the above case. This is also one of the reasons why the 2001 beauty was created anti-group on social media.

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Runner-up Phuong Nhi revealed a photo of her wedding dress, fans questioned preparing to board the flower car?

Tuyết Ngọc19:22:45 08/08/2023
With an elegant, clear and equally charming beauty in the new photo set, the 2nd runner-up of Miss World Vietnam 2022 - Phuong Nhi received a rain of compliments from the online community.

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Mai Phuong "shot" bilingual when the final walk, Bao Ngoc revealed a 'puzzle' face that was difficult to understand despite apologizing

Huỳnh Phúc15:35:40 23/07/2023
The final night of Miss World Vietnam 2023 officially revealed the new Miss World Vietnam and also closed the term of Miss Mai Phuong and two runner-ups Bao Ngoc and Phuong Nhi.

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Phuong Nhi 'discarded all shame' expressed her love for Isaac, openly fell in love with her senior in front of many people

T.T09:45:13 12/06/2023
After having the opportunity to participate in projects with Isaac, runner-up Phuong Nhi is being pushed vigorously with the male singer. Since then, the two have also been rumored to be dating through a series of cute actions and gestures for each other.

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Mai Phuong is paying a heavy price because of scandals, destructive images, 'closed doors' going deep at MW 2023?

Gia11:21:58 10/06/2023
Miss World is a contest that upholds elegance and standards, the contestants go deep and rarely encounter scandals. Before that, Mai Phuong was entangled in many noises, causing her name to be affected.

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Mai Phuong was held "eyes" by Miss World organization, openly spent her words with wings, promising to make things happen

Gia08:43:05 01/06/2023
Miss Mai Phuong is working hard to prepare for the journey to Miss World 2023. The beauty receiving good signals from the Miss World organizers and being ordered by fans will have good results at the contest. Recently, Miss Mai Phuong officially launched a non-profit project...

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Runner-up Phuong Nhi once restored a part of her face, her beauty was promoted thanks to this point

Gia09:43:18 31/05/2023
Looking back at the old photos, I can see that Phuong Nhi has edited this point to have a perfect beautiful appearance that everyone will fall in love with. It is also the only part that Phuong Nhi decided to "aesthetic". Since being crowned the 2nd runner-up at Miss World...

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Miss Mai Phuong was "vindicated", netizens still booed asking for "stripping the crown" like Papua New Guinea?

KiKo08:59:42 30/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong was defended by many viewers, pointing out that the queen has pursued a rebellious style since the time she was not crowned. However, netizens are still determined to boycott and compare her with Miss Papua New Guinea - the queen was stripped of her crown for...

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Miss Mai Phuong was treated unfairly, the 1st runner-up lacked sophistication, overwhelmed her seniors to take the spotlight?

Hoàng Phúc07:53:16 16/08/2022
After the final of Miss World Vietnam 2022 ended, all information related to the new Miss Mai Phuong received a lot of attention. However, many people expressed dissatisfaction that the queen was treated unfairly, even being overwhelmed by the 1st runner-up. On August 12, the...

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Miss Mai Phuong: Great education, the same thing with Thuy Tien and the truth about the old couple Le Quyen

Hoàng Phúc11:45:48 13/08/2022
Mai Phuong once participated in Miss Vietnam 2020 and stopped with the Top 5 achievement. However, with her unremitting efforts, the beautiful Dong Nai was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022. Tonight, August 12, at the final of Miss World Vietnam (Miss World Vietnam) 2022 Mai...

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Quang Linh Vlog has a "rival" who is a compatriot: Tall, handsome, standing next to Thuy Tien is very symmetrical

Jennie08:29:23 13/08/2022
The 25-year-old guy is currently an employee of Thuy Tien's perfume company. Not only possessing outstanding appearance, this Nghe guy also loves to sing, play sports... Thuy Tien's birthday falls on August 12, but a few days ago, Hau was held an early birthday party, because if...

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Mai Phuong was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Nam Em bowed her head and kept crying after coming out of the top 5

Hoàng Phúc07:21:36 13/08/2022
With a convincing answer in the final act, Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong excellently crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022. Meanwhile, the contestant who was highly appreciated from the beginning, Nam Em, unexpectedly came out of the top 5, making many people regret. On the evening of...

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Luong Hong Xuan Mai: The h.ot beauty who just quit the Miss contest is the grandson of a famous scientist

An Nhi14:01:23 02/08/2022
Many people could not help but regret when the brightest candidate for the Miss World Vietnam 2022 title - beautiful Luong Hong Xuan Mai withdrew from the contest. Miss World Vietnam - Miss World Vietnam 2022 is gradually coming to an end with the most important competition...

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