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Runner-up Thanh Ngan out of the top 10 of Miss Supranational, the match was too faint, her English was poor?

Pipi09:44:51 29/06/2023
On the first day of the match at Miss Supranational - Miss Supranational 2023, Vietnam Representative - runner-up Dang Thanh Ngan did not score any points with the audience as well as the beauty experts.

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Dang Thanh Ngan "shaking" at Miss Supranational 2023, Vietnam's in-top chain is in danger of "broken"?

Xuân Xuân07:46:12 12/06/2023
Officially had a military debut at Miss Supranational 2023, but the representative of Vietnam - Dang Thanh Ngan disappointed the whole team when he behaved too lackly, his English speaking level was only babbling.

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Former Miss Intercontinental dropped the title and was crowned Miss Supranational, Dang Thanh Ngan closed the door?

Kiko11:45:49 31/05/2023
Recently, beauty fans stirred when Miss Supranational Cuba 2023 closed with the enthronement of the beautiful Monica Aguilar. It is known that the queen is a former runner-up of Miss Intercontinental and has officially given up the title. The final night of Miss Supranational...

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Dang Thanh Ngan was eliminated from the Top 20 Miss Supranational 2023, Thailand was also "outlined"?

Kiko15:39:41 19/05/2023
Miss Supranational 2023 is currently in the first days of launch, the representative of Vietnam this year is Dang Thanh Ngan. However, the queen is left out and not the choice of beauty experts. The Miss Supranational 2023 pageant will be held in July this year. This year's...

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