Miss Grand International Is Shocking

Topic: Miss Grand International Is Shocking

The new Miss Grand International "rebelled" and just returned to her hometown and made a shocking move

Mộc Trà09:28:40 22/12/2023
As reported, on December 19, reigning Miss Grand International Luciana Fuster returned to her hometown of Peru two months after being crowned. The beauty was welcomed by thousands of spectators at the airport.

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Miss Grand International "showed off" because of Le Hoang Phuong, the Vietnamese queen who officially received terrible news

Mưa11:51:52 18/12/2023
Present in Thailand to participate in the Grand Sport Day event with the Top 10 Miss Grand International 2023, Le Hoang Phuong attracted attention with a shy moment when being surrounded by fans from her country giving gifts.

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Miss Grand International is estranged, Le Hoang Phuong still stands out among the Top 10 MGI thanks to one different thing

Mưa11:25:33 16/12/2023
Nearly 2 months since the Miss Grand International final, Miss Luciana Fuster and the runner-ups have continuously appeared together at events promoting the contest, meeting sponsors...

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Miss Grand International's estrangement with Le Hoang Phuong was revealed, Vietnamese fans were extremely angry

Mộc Trà15:17:57 08/12/2023
Will Le Hoang Phuong be estranged from audiences in your country? Previously, while Miss Grand International 2023 took place, many audiences on both sides had some misunderstandings and conflicts with each other.

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The newly crowned Miss Grand International has her unstable past revealed, Le Hoang Phuong reveals her "pregnant belly"

Xuka11:08:42 08/11/2023
Possessing big round double eyelids and a radiant smile, Luciana Fuster as a c.hild made netizens unable to take their eyes off her eyes. It can be seen that compared to the present, the beauty of the 24-year-old beauty has not changed too much.

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Miss Grand International has just officially started, Miss Thailand has "launched a blow", determined to win the crown

Mộc Trà09:10:58 23/09/2023
Recently, the Miss Grand Thailand homepage announced that the Golden Garuda outfit will be the official national costume of Aoom Thaweeporn - the representative of the Golden Temple country at Miss Grand International 2023 (Miss Grand International).

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Miss Grand International was mocked by Miss International, Mr.Nawat "Dealed"?

Mộc Trà10:36:40 22/05/2023
Although "late birth", but after a decade, Miss International Peace was quickly evaluated as one of the 6 biggest beauty contests on the planet. Recently, when sharing a series of photos capturing the reunion moment of Jasmin Selberg and Miss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana...

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Miss Grand International was honored again, MU had no door, Mr.Nawat was not happy to have been harmed by Engfa

Tiểu Yến Tử13:44:22 02/03/2023
Recently, after announcing the a.ward categories such as the best MC, the most fair result, the most impressive light and sound... the beauty site Global Beauties has announced the a.ward of the contest with staged organization. the best finale. What is surprising for beauty fans...

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