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Luu So Diem "overcame" puberty, 15 years of unbroken features, more adorable than before

Kim Oanh15:18:11 28/06/2024
Liu So Diem suddenly became the darling of the Chinese screen, because of her heart-touching beauty since she was a c.hild star in Mi Nguyet Truyen. After 10 years, the current beauty of the old Little Beauty was banned by netizens from having plastic surgery

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Me and the Marriage War: Phung Thieu Phong lost his form and got a new wife

Bảo Yến17:31:36 25/06/2024
After his divorce from Trieu Le Dinh, recently actor Phung Thieu Phong suddenly publicly appeared together with his new wife. The two are about to get married and receive the blessings of many people.

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Trieu Le Dinh did not "fall in love again" with Phung Thieu Phong because of this handsome man!

Hoa Tuyết13:44:07 12/01/2024
Recently, there was news that Trieu Le Dinh was about to reunite with Phung Thieu Phong, causing fans to look forward to it, however, the actress indirectly denied the rumors when she publicly announced her new relationship.

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Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng suddenly "resumed old love" on screen, what is going on?

Tiểu Trúc08:31:27 07/12/2023
Recently, social media spread information that Zhao Liying and her ex-husband Feng Shaofeng had an indirect reunion on the screen, making people surprised.

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Zhao Liying was accused by her ex-husband of running after a new love for neglecting young children, the evidence is clear and difficult to argue

Hướng Dương13:19:05 04/10/2023
Although they had gone their separate ways for a long time, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng had been called together many times. Recently, this condition continues to repeat itself and seems more serious than the last time.

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Trieu Le Dinh accused Phung Thieu Phong of promiscuity and not knowing how to keep himself, leading to the breakdown of his marriage

Nguyễn Tuyết17:17:11 30/09/2023
Although the two have been divorced for a long time, the brief love affair of Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong is always a topic of special public interest. Especially when the truths behind are revealed one by one.

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Trieu Le Dinh revealed evidence of reuniting with Phung Thieu Phong, fans of both families were excited to congratulate?

Tuyết Ngọc21:07:28 27/09/2023
The online community and fans were surprised by the news of Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong reuniting. Although they were very surprised, they still did not forget to congratulate both broken mirrors on their recovery.

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Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng remarried, and the cost of their wedding in Bali amounted to more than 3000 billion VND

Ning Jing11:55:20 28/08/2023
After many hits that are said to be the broken mirror of the couple Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, recently Chinese-language media also revealed the time and place where their wedding will take place.

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Zhao Liying was criticized for bad acting, "Hau Photo" frankly said "dislike" on television

Hàn Di10:29:20 17/08/2023
Zhao Liying was suddenly called out when the statement of Yuan Wing Yi, the two-time Miss Hong Kong winner, was dug up. It is known that Hau Ying frankly mentioned Zhao Liying's name at a show a few years ago.

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Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong remarried, mother-in-law spent a lot of m.oney, giving a villa of nearly 4000 billion VND

Juni Nguyễn07:57:30 22/07/2023
Until now, the marriage between Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong still receives the attention of the online community. Recently, the ex-mother-in-law of actress Hoa Thien Co has accepted to spend nearly 4000 billion to make peace with her daughter-in-law.

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Minh Lan Story after 5 years: Trieu Le Dinh overwhelms Thieu Phong, Luu So Diem looks beautiful

Anh Anh14:24:21 04/02/2023
Referring to the most famous fighting movies in the past 5 years, many moviegoers will surely call the name of Minh Lan Truyen. The film tells the life story of Thinh Minh Lan (Trieu Le Dinh) - a beautiful and intelligent g.irl who is not loved by her loved ones. As an adult...

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Trieu Le Dinh refused to reunite with her old love, Duong Mich humbled herself to negotiate with Tieu Chien to replace her

Hoàng Anh14:18:49 17/01/2023
Recently, on online forums, a series of information suddenly appeared that Trieu Le Dinh and Chu Nhat Long will reunite in the new film project Thien Kieu. This information even then took the first place on the h.ot search Weibo. It is known that before that, this talented couple...

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Trieu Le Dinh made a huge achievement for 6 years in a row, Duong Mich "plowing" even youth is not equal

Hoàng Anh10:51:36 14/10/2022
Originally from a rural g.irl, no m.oney, no family, but thanks to her constant efforts and natural talent, Trieu Le Dinh has become the most famous flower g.irl on the Chinese screen. many admirers. Even many actors who have had a stronger starting point than her still can't keep...

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Trieu Le Dinh is treated harshly, no matter how good a new movie is, it still gets a bad score

Hoàng Anh14:58:23 17/07/2022
With a huge number of works and a reputation built for many years, Trieu Le Dinh is currently one of the most successful flowers on the Chinese screen. There is such a high temperature, but it seems that the beauty of the Department of Kieu Truyen is always cold by the audience...

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Liu Yifei and his "wordless" statements made netizens "kicked"

Yang Mi08:19:45 18/06/2022
Liu Yifei is probably the name that is most interested in recent times when she has a relationship with Tran Hieu in "Dream Hoa Luc", so everything around her is noticed. Therefore, the actress's series of old statements was recently re-excavated, causing a stir among netizens...

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Trieu Le Dinh was harassed by Liu Yifei's fans, netizens demanded a boycott of Mong Hoa Luc

Hoàng Anh12:16:48 17/06/2022
Despite having to focus on the film project Du Phuong Hanh, Trieu Le Dinh has recently been constantly dragged into absurd scandals related to Liu Yifei's film Dream of the Luc. On the surface, the audience will think that Trieu Le Dinh and Liu Yifei have no special...

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Just received the good news, Trieu Le Dinh was criticized and exaggerated his achievements

Yang Mi10:11:31 31/05/2022
After many years of working hard in filming, Trieu Le Dinh has become the only Chinese-language female star to break 200 billion cumulative views. However, this achievement is considered exaggerated, not real. On May 29, the topic of a drama with the participation of actress...

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Trieu Le Dinh almost lost the role of a lifetime because of the bossy habit of her assistant, and was also rumored to be a 'prostitute'

Hoàng Anh10:57:23 27/05/2022
As one of the top female stars in China today, Trieu Le Dinh has had to go through more than 15 years of rolling. Halo has, but is despised, put things also not less. Even the beauty of So Kieu Truyen was once harmed by an assistant who almost lost an important role that made...

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Trieu Le Dinh is powerless when threatened by Phung Thieu Phong to give up custody of his children?

Yang Mi11:38:31 05/05/2022
The information that Phung Thieu Phong asked his ex-wife to give up custody of the children, the new actor agreed to sign the divorce papers, which is attracting more attention from netizens than anyone else. While fans were expecting a fairy-tale wedding between Trieu Le Dinh...

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S.hock: Trieu Le Dinh is suspected of tax evasion after Dang Luan, the number is more than 160 billion VND

Hoàng Anh08:09:26 30/03/2022
On the evening of March 29, fans were bewildered by the information that Trieu Le Dinh evaded taxes, the phrase Trieu Le Dinh evaded taxes on the top 1 of Weibo social network hotsearch. However, the actress immediately corrected herself. The phrase "tax evader" in recent years...

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Phung Thieu Phong responded harshly, revealing his true personality when compared with Trieu Le Dinh?

Duyên Trần19:46:54 05/02/2022
The marriage of Phung Thieu Phong and Trieu Le Dinh was once considered a cult love story but also caused the most public opinion in Cbiz. The story of this couple's "fast love and quick marriage" has caused the Chinese press to spend a lot of ink and paper over the years. Up to...

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Luu So Diem - How is the c.hild "banned under the knife" since childhood because he is so beautiful, overshadowing Trieu Le Dinh now?

team youtube12:23:33 13/06/2021
Luu So Diem has an intimate name of Tieu Diem, born on September 5/ 2009 in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. At the age of 2, Luu So Diem won the C.hild Star of the Year champion. Netizens immediately predicted that she would become a beauty in the future and announced that Liu So Diem forbade plastic surgery for fear that she...

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Ngo Loi and Trieu Lo Tu co-star in a new movie, why are fans strongly opposed?

team youtuber15:51:53 19/05/2021
After Truong Ca Hanh ended, social networks spread rumors that Ngo Loi was about to co-star in a new movie called Shining star. The screenwriter of the brilliant Tinh Ha is also the person who made the hit movie Minh Lan Truyen (starring by Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong). This information shocked many viewers

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Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thieu Phong can't hold a wedding because of their mother-in-law's conflict?

team youtuber16:14:09 11/05/2021
The news that the couple Trieu Le Dinh - Phung Thieu Phong announced their divorce is still what makes the audience and the media confused. same surprise. Although there are many conspiracy theories surrounding the cause of the Minh Lan couple, the story is broken, but in general, the online community still feels sorry for the Queen rating because they...

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