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Viet Thao - First MC overseas: Full U70, opening a restaurant in the US, selling a loaf of bread for nearly 500 thousand

KENG17:01:25 20/12/2022
MC Viet Thao possesses a simple, sincere, emotional and equally humorous way of narrating that has attracted thousands of fans in the programs she participates in. MC Viet Thao (born February 3, 1954) whose full name is Trinh Viet Thao, was born in Ca Mau province. It can be...

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The news that MC Viet Thao had a stroke | Bang Kieu's ex-wife promptly corrected

team youtuber10:05:35 22/01/2021
Recently, there were many sources of news that MC Viet Thao had a stroke in the US. Many viewers were excited to confirm this fact. A few details have been updated to make the audience nervous. Another source close to the news said that Viet Thao's illness situation just announced is not accurate, everyone hopes the above information is not

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