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Mai Phuong appeared strangely, how did she react to the rumor of leaving her old company for the US?

Bút Bi16:52:45 31/05/2024
Miss Mai Phuong suddenly reappeared after more than a month of silence with a fashion photo shoot for the brand she represents. Previously, many rumors said that she had left her old management company to go to America with her family.

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HH Mai Phuong makes an urgent announcement about Miss World 2023, it's hard to be in-top, Mr. Nawat has a face problem

Tiểu Yến Tử13:50:09 23/02/2023
Miss World (MW) is one of the largest beauty arenas on the planet, receiving much attention from domestic and international beauty fans. As the representative of Vietnam at MW 2023, the reigning Miss World Vietnam - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong makes fans worry a lot about their...

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Mai Phuong is specially "transmigrated" by Thuy Tien and Bao Ngoc, has the opportunity to be crowned Miss World

Tiểu Yến Tử15:30:16 11/02/2023
Beauty Beauty is one of the most important sub-prizes at the Miss World Vietnam and Miss Vietnam beauty contests. The beauty receiving this a.ward will definitely be in the Top 5 finalists. Although most of the Benevolent beauties did not win the Miss title, they "made a fortune"...

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Mai Phuong appeared at the house of her ex-husband Le Quyen, Ngoc Chau ran the show "tired" in the midst of the controversy.

Tiểu Yến Tử13:38:33 01/02/2023
Recently, Mai Phuong had her first post on social networks after a long time of silence because of the scandal. The queen showed off a series of selfie photos on her personal page. Attaching pictures with a childish expression, the beauty expressed: "It's the 9th, how is our...

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Thao Nhi Le 'matched' the Miss group about to 'export' the international competition: Mai Phuong was criticized as unworthy

Tiểu Yến Tử09:17:03 31/01/2023
The year 2022 can be said to be a year of "Three sinking seven floating" of Vietnamese beauty in the international arena. Accordingly, there are many successful representatives, but there are also some who regret when competing in international beauty contests. Entering 2023...

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Miss World made an urgent announcement in the midst of Mai Phuong's disappointment, Thao Nhi Le's revenge for Ngoc Chau?

Tin10:07:05 19/01/2023
Miss World (MW) is one of the largest Miss Universe organizations with a long life. After many years, the prestige and love of beauty fans for MW is great, the criteria for selecting the winner are also quite strict. Recently, the MW homepage has officially revealed the time to...

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Miss Mai Phuong quietly went to charity after being criticized while taking candy while dancing

Nam Phương08:13:30 14/01/2023
Combined with the Vietnam Youth Union, Miss Mai Phuong had the opportunity to visit, exchange and o.ff her sweet voice at the No. 2 Addiction Camp in Lam Ha District, Lam Dong. This is also the starting point for her "Tet Happiness" project series. On January 9, Miss World...

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Miss Mai Phuong clarified her relationship with Phuong Nhi after the controversial "joking hand" clip

Chu Linh16:58:41 13/01/2023
The reigning Miss World Vietnam affirmed that her relationship with Phuong Nhi is still normal. She said that when public opinion deliberately wanted to fabricate, no matter how much the explanation was, it could not be satisfied. Crowned since August 2022, however, the top 3...

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Mai Phuong was criticized for being less elegant, sucking on candy and playing all the way - worried about the results of Miss World

chu Linh18:59:46 07/01/2023
Before the dizzying change of Miss Mai Phuong, many comments said that this went against the norm. It will even affect the results of the upcoming Miss World contest. After 5 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam, Miss Mai Phuong had a makeover that surprised the public...

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