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Mai Phuong was shocked because she used a "smeared" photo to bring to Miss World 2023, the team quickly corrected it?

Xuân Xuân09:08:49 27/06/2023
Recently, fans were surprised again when the image Mai Phuong brought to make a profile at Miss World 2023 is the same set of photos that have caused the queen to be in controversy for a long time.

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Miss Mai Phuong indiscriminately revealed "small clothes" with poor charm, Miss World must not be "out top" yet?

N.P08:07:32 01/02/2023
The noise surrounding Miss Mai Phuong does not seem to have stopped when recently, the social network continues to spread the image of Miss World Vietnam 2022 to r.eveal the "underwear" of the stage. Recently, on Vietnamese beauty forums, a photo has been posted to contribute to...

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Miss Mai Phuong was "vindicated", netizens still booed asking for "stripping the crown" like Papua New Guinea?

KiKo08:59:42 30/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong was defended by many viewers, pointing out that the queen has pursued a rebellious style since the time she was not crowned. However, netizens are still determined to boycott and compare her with Miss Papua New Guinea - the queen was stripped of her crown for...

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Miss Mai Phuong despite dancing in the middle of the airport made fans "bored", Thanh Thuy was "estranged"?

KiKo10:37:15 27/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong became the focus of attention with every move and every move being scrutinized and criticized. Although she apologized, the queen was still said to have not repented and just talked about it. In the past few days, Mai Phuong is probably the most mentioned Queen...

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Miss Mai Phuong suspected of "losing her seat" for the Miss World 2023 contest because of the noise, trying to please, still being ostracized?

N.P10:39:05 26/01/2023
Miss Mai Phuong is currently facing a big boycott wave of the audience because of the noise related to the sensitive post at the beginning of the new year. The date of Miss World 2023 is getting closer and closer, and beauty fans are constantly expressing their hope to change...

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