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Ly Phi Nhi: Huynh Hieu Minh's ex-lover of 3 years, once accused Angelababy of stealing her boyfriend

Nguyễn Tuyết20:06:37 28/02/2024
Ly Phi Nhi is known as Huynh Hieu Minh's former lover. She is considered a person with both beauty and physique, not only beautiful but also extremely impressive fashion sense.

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'Beauty Dien Hy Cong Luong' Tan Lam and Wei Dai Huan were released a hotel clip, Duong Mich was called out

Thư Kỳ15:28:02 15/12/2022
A few days ago, it was reported that Tan Lam - Nguoi Dai Huy were dating, but recently the duo will have no way to deny when the paparazzi released a clip of both of them back to the same hotel. Recently, on social networks, information spread about actress "Dien Hy Cong Luong"...

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R.evealing the clip of Huynh Xiaoming 'struggling', biting Ly Bang Bang's lips, suspicion of a.dultery caused Angelababy to divorce

Ning Jing15:18:03 28/10/2022
The reason for the divorce between Huynh Xiaoming - Angelababy still makes many people curious. However, recently, the Chinese social network spread a clip of Huynh Xiaoming and Li Bingbing passionately in love, attracting attention. Referring to the love story of the most...

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Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy divorced, netizens gloated: 'Ly Phi Nhi has taken revenge'

Yang Mi19:27:00 31/01/2022
Before the divorce information between Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy, not only did many people care, but instead, the name Ly Phi Nhi was once again "called out". While many artists are busy rehearsing for the New Year's Eve program, on January 28, the Chinese entertainment...

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Ex-lover Huynh Xiaoming - Ly Phi Nhi lost her skirt right on stage, why did the netizens panic?

Duyên Trần13:19:16 02/01/2022
Recently, Chinese actress and singer - Ly Phi Nhi attracted attention when wearing a black dress and tight shorts, red lips exuding a s.exy aura. However, while performing with the dance troupe, Ly Phi Nhi suddenly dropped her skirt when performing difficult movements. Thanks to...

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Angela B.aby has been criticized for her time when she acted with less famous juniors

Hồng Hạnh09:34:11 08/07/2021
Angela B.aby's resources have really declined, to the point that she needs to cooperate with even those with wet feet entering the acting field. like Lai Quan Lam. From the day she announced that she wanted to separate her career from Huynh Xiaoming, Angelababy's development was no longer the same. For more than 1 year, she was not sought after...

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Angela B.aby was "cursed" by her ex-lover Huynh Xiaoming in the middle of a press conference with many reporters

team youtuber10:19:48 29/04/2021
Recently, actress Ly Phi Nhi appeared at an event in Shanghai (China) and received a lot of attention. public attention. Warming up her name from a series of controversies related to Angela B.aby and Huynh Xiaoming when attending the program "Billionaire Pedals the Wind and Turns Waves", Ly Phi Nhi received great attention from the online community

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Angela B.aby - Huynh Xiaoming officially divorced, custody belongs to the b.oy's family, what is the truth?

team youtuber15:50:37 18/03/2021
Right at the time of official divorce rumors, Angela B.aby posted a picture of a couple wearing a couple with another character. . The couple Angela B.aby - Huynh Xiaoming has been constantly in doubt about divorce. Most recently, the QQ page continues to publish information causing a stir with the content: Huynh Xiaoming and Angela B.aby have

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Angela B.aby - Huynh Xiaoming: He wanted to hold on, she was determined to divorce?

team youtuber16:08:29 03/03/2021
In the Weibo Night event that took place not long ago, Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy each took a place, both did not take pictures. any photo together, do not sit close and treat each other like two strangers. The truth about the marriage of Huynh Xiaoming and Angelababy always makes everyone curious, especially

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Who is Ly Phi Nhi? What was the scandal 10 years ago with Angela B.aby and Huynh Xiaoming?

team youtuber20:30:08 08/01/2021
The love story of 3 people between Angelababy - Huynh Xiaoming - Ly Phi Nhi 10 years ago suddenly surfaced on Chinese social networks these days. via. The fact that Huynh Xiaoming and his ex-lover Ly Phi Nhi reunited and had romantic gestures in the reality TV show "Billion Typing Wind Turns Waves" season two is attracting attention

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